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The latest episode of Deadline News from Diplomacy Broadcast  Network has just aired on Youtube. David Hood delivers hobby news from around the world and hosts a discussion of Opening Alliances with guests Andy Bartalone, Wes Ketchum & Douglas "Floridaman" Rintoul.

The Virtual World Diplomacy Classic takes place this weekend and it promises to be an event to remember. With over 140 players from all around the world registered so far and start times to favour a variety of timezones, it's going to be a truly international tournament. Follow the live DBN coverage on Youtube or Twitch.
VDL Championship Game
The finalists for the Virtual Diplomacy League have been announced!
Duking it out on the top board will be - ranked from first to seventh seed - John Anderson, Morgante Pell, Karthik Konath, Tanya Gill, Ed Sullivan, Dave Roberts and Liam Stokes.
Zachary Moore launched the virtual face-to-face tournament on VDL's Discord Server this year, and games have been run once a month from March to December with great success. On the 12th December, the League hosted a penultimate round of five games to give players one last chance to reach the coveted final game.
From this round Stokes, Sullivan and Konath successfully flattered, coerced, connived and stabbed their way into the final. Joining Anderson, Pell, Gill and Roberts, these seven players will square off against each other in the Championship game on the 16th January.
🎁🎄 Holiday Briefing 🎄🎁

This year's Christmas Eve issue is a real festive treat. Briefing readers can look forward to finding out what happened when Santa played Diplomacy, and a special Christmas song from David Hood!

BrotherBored's Diplomacy Dojo Episode 6:
Stabbing in the West

BrotherBored is an authority on all things Diplomacy, not to mention a veritable powerhouse of Dip content. In the latest installment of the Diplomacy Dojo podcast, he answers player questions about the perfect moment for Germany to stab England and vice versa, as well as advice for an Italy worried about a strong E/F alliance. Check out the whole series here:
  1. Lots of Russia, a Little France
  2. Russia and England, Russia and Turkey
  3. Stalemating Russia in Gunboat
  4. The Sum-of-Squares Episode
  5. Risk in Diplomacy
  6. Stabbing in the West



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