A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community


Google would definitely be the greatest Diplomacy player ever if there was any profit in it. Google already know what's in every email, has us located through GPS, and listens in to all our conversations.

If that isn't bad enough, many people are being stabbed in the worst way possible: getting the Briefing dropped into the promotion folder. This means that the Briefing gets thrown into the same bin as your underwhelming coupons, 411 scams, and laxative offers. It's not surprising then that your precious issue can be overlooked all while Google is snickering in the corner.

You can foil such a dastardly deed by dragging and dropping this email as illustrated below. 
Doing this means we will arrive on your inbox doorstep looking sharp.

Your Ally,

umbletheheep (Russ)
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