DEC 2022
Waves, there are days when waves are larger than usual and there are days when waves are small enough that we can just jump over it. To some of you whom have connected with us personally, you know what we are going through but no matter what season we are in life, we will continue to serve the One who has called us.

Allow us to begin this month's newsletter with another thank you. Thank you for continuously praying for us, sending us support, encouraging us and believing in our call to serve people from all nations. 
Written by the Asia-Pacific Regional Communications team:

"Advent is the season of the church leading to Christmas. Traditionally it begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and until Christmas day. Many traditions and rituals are associated with Advent, but in reality, many people are not aware of this.
This year, we would like to build anticipation and excitement, as well as inspire people on the real meaning of Christmas. We also want our younger generations to know about the hope, peace, love, and joy that Jesus brings to us.
The Advent Campaign will be composed of 27 1-minute devotional videos that will be shared by young and emerging leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region. Each person will share a reflection or devotional message from a verse (that we will assign) that speaks on the theme of hope, peace, love, and joy."
This is Terence's contribution to Asia-Pacific Region's Advent Series. Click this link to watch and hear his advent series devotional from the passage of 2 Corinthians 12:9.
Looking for Advent videos to show to your church? Follow the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Facebook page for more of these incredible Advent Devotionals:
We found new friends in the Badminton court and their names are Tom and Tip. Tom and Tip are a couple and they both hail from a province called Samui (suh·moo·ee) here in Thailand. Tip, the girlfriend, shared to Terence that Tom, have always wanted to play with Terence but was never given an opportunity because Terence plays on a high level. Tip added that Tom vowed to himself that one day he will play on a high level, too.

One night, Tom was told that he would pair up with Terence and he was so excited but at the same time nervous. As he walked into the court Tom introduced himself and immediately apologized to Terence.

"I am sorry, I don't play well like you. You carry me okay?"

"Brother, I am not carrying anyone tonight. We are going to win together." Terence replied.

They won their match and Terence was so impressed by how hardworking Tom was in the court. Their conversation continued off the court and has developed into a wonderful friendship. Terence and Ingrid have invited Tip and Tom to a fellowship in their house but Tip is back in the province of Samui. When she returns for another visit, we will reopen the invitation once more.

The passage of scripture in Hebrews 12:1 reminds us that "...we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses," When we step out of our homes, we get this incredible opportunity to represent Christ and His Kingdom. Our hope and prayer is that Tom and Tip sees Jesus in us.

Pray for our fellowship with Tom and Tip to happen and that in this fellowship, we will receive an opportunity to share the love and message of Jesus.


A month ago we were given a privilege to spend time with our Cambodia NYI. Together with Cambodia district and Regional NYI, we were able to teach, encourage, equip and empower our youth leaders.

The first day we spent with the NYI of Cambodia we immediately felt a special connection. The people of Cambodia has gone through a trauma that many of us can never imagine. To learn about the Khmer Rouge Genocide in Cambodia, click this link:

But their tragic history seemed to have only driven them to be more enthusiastic and passionate for God's work and it was contagious. We praise God and thank our partners for the success of this event! If you want to read more about our Cambodia adventure click this link:

If you want to go the extra mile, please consider donating to the SEA Field Nazarene Youth Development Project? Just click this link:

If you want to read more about this event, go to:


This recently passed weekend, we were also given an opportunity to lead an NYI training and meeting in the Thailand district. As Field Youth Coordinators of Southeast Asia it is our privilege to identify, equip and empower our young people. One passage of scripture that continues to speak to us as we serve our youth is in Matthew 19:14-15.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.  When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.
Our Lord sees value in our children and youth and He was passionate in telling them that they have a part in the kingdom building of God. Jesus placed His hands on the children and blessed them, this gesture itself is enough to remind us that God's church ought to provide a seat at the table for the youth of today and tomorrow.

We hope that we have just accomplished that with our Thailand District NYI.


[written and posted by Terence on his Facebook page]

People have always wondered why I chose Badminton. Aside from the sport literally turning my life around, playing Badminton has been a form of therapy to treat my anger.
Yes, I have anger issues.
Due to life's circumstances, I grew up an angry kid. I was used by adults as an entertainment by making me fight other kids. I don't know how many fistfights I've gotten myself into in school. I was raised in an environment where violence is normal on a daily basis.
You may find this hard to believe due to my "optimistic" personality. I thought suppressing this part of me would make it go away. But my wife, Ingrid, helped me realize that I'm just a pressure cooker. Ever since, she has been my constant rock and support.
I confidently testify that God has completely delivered me from physical outbursts but sometimes I still suppress my frustrations that later builds up to anger.
But I am so blessed to have a God that continues to work in me, a wife that is incredibly loving and Badminton, where I can just smash, smash and smash all my frustrations away.

Click this link to watch video of this match:
[Written and posted by Ingrid on her Facebook page. The newsletter version has been edited]

"Reilee! Reilee!" I held out my arms for a hug. She stopping running and looked at me.
I waited. She stared at me.
Then she ran into my arms and gave me a big hug and laughed.
* * * * * * * * *
Before we went to Cambodia, Jubilee was in daycare. It was not the daycare we initially wanted, but it was run by a local Thai Nazarene church. We warned them that Jubilee may be autistic, but they insisted they could handle her.
Unfortunately, after one month, they admitted that they really could not handle her. We expected it and we don't hold it against them. But the rejection still hurt. They recommended that she go to a specialized school.
The intial school we wanted was paid by semester, and it being November already meant that she would not be able to attend. We went the school recommended by the Nazarene daycare, but it was too full. We went to the school recommended by the therapist, but it was too expensive.
In the one month at Nazarene daycare, Jubilee was learning how to interact with others, and we and her doctors saw her improvement. We knew that daycare was working.
As we talked with the workers at the expensive daycare, they introduced to us Jubilee's would-be teacher, Tina, a Filipina behavioral specialist who would work intentionally with Jubilee. They were a bilingual therapy school.
Terence and I looked at each other. We had Savings that we could use to pay, but would it be worth it? What if they give up, too? What if Jubilee hates it?
We both felt in our spirit that Jubilee's needs was worth the investment. So we signed her up for the expensive daycare.
She started school on Monday.
Y'all. This school was worth every cent. Just from this week alone, Jubilee has just blossomed to the girl we have been dying to meet. It is like they had a key and unlocked something. They don't have TVs at the school to avoid screen time and encourage us to avoid all screen time with Jubilee at home.
The hug from Reilee was after school on Friday. I reached out for a hug and said her name, she heard, she stopped, she saw, she interpreted, and she responded. Communication! Social interaction! Praise God!
After one month in this new school, Jubilee has caught up with her age group in Visual Reception, Fine Motor skills and Expressive Language! She is still far behind in Receptive Language (understanding and following directions, etc.) She will be 3 years old on December 18th, but her Receptive Language is around 15 months old (Lukas is 20 months old). Continue to pray for ultimate healing!
Toto Kas is our loving little boy! 

He is also a very heavy little boy! He and Jubilee are just a kilo apart in weight.

He attends daycare still with the Church of the Nazarene where he is learning how to pray and some basic manners such as giving a Thai bow and eating with a spoon. He now says, "Tee-too!" for "thank you." Although, because he is the littlest and only foreigner in the school, the teachers love him maybe too much! When he is home with us, he always wants to be held or sit on our laps! We need to enjoy the cuddles before he's too cool to do them. ;) 

He is always making us laugh and keeping us accountable for our screen time by taking the phones from our hands to putting them in random boxes and drawers! He loves picking stuff off the floor and giving them to us, even if it's garbage. He patiently waits for us to tell him "thank you" before finding some more trash to give us. We can never find anything anymore because he takes everything out and then "puts it away" in random places. We are finding batteries in the underwear drawer and underwear in the toy box! Luuuukas!
Although he is always interacting with Jubilee, Jubilee is finally interacting with him. They play together and it is always the cutest thing! (They are also now fighting more, but let's appreciate the positive!)

Kassed adores our cat and everytime he hears her (or any cat) meowing, he points to the direction and says "Koko!" 

By the way, we have been calling him "Kas" or "Kassed" instead of "Lukas" because he now associates his name with being in trouble! He's always getting into trouble!  


SEA Field Youth: Please be in prayer for our young leaders in the Southeast Asia Field as we make Christlike disciples during times of political turmoil, Anti-Christian propaganda, leadership limitation, recovery from genocides, and of course, the coronavirus. Pray for the SEA Field leaders to give our young people the opportunity to serve. 

Badminton Outreach: Some days it feels like we are about to have a breakthrough. Some days it feels like it doesn't. We know God is working even when we cannot. We know He is good. Ingrid has been learning how to cook for the athletes so that Terence has more time to intentional speak with them. Please specifically pray for Mr. A, Nong Nai, Fo, and for our new friends, Tom and Tip.

Ordination: Ingrid has passed her ordination interview! She is to be ordained as an Elder in the Philippines this coming January. We praise God! Again, the expenses to fly to the Philippines for this will come out of our own pocket. If you would like to help our family go to the Philippines for Ingrid's ordination, please reply to this email to learn how. 

Unspoken: Next newsletter, we have a big announcement. Don't miss it. Meanwhile, please be in prayer (No, we aren't pregnant).
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