APRIL 2022
Thank you!

Last newsletter, we laid out a praise and a need concerning Terence's ordination. After 2 postponements due to the typhoon and the pandemic, it was finally a go! Although Terence's way would be paid, Ingrid and the kids would have to personally fund their own way.

Within 48 hours, our whole family was funded to not only fly to Cebu, Philippines where the ordination would take place, but also funded for us to rent a car. The Central Visayas District found our family housing and even a crib for Lukas! As we arrived in Cebu in the guest house the District provided for us, we were in tears. We didn't think we could make it and yet here we were.

Terence would be getting ordained at home with his friends and family present. This was thanks to all of you. From the deepest gratitude of our hearts, we want to say over and over and over again, "Thank you!"
Last year, Global Missions asked us to teach an online course on Cross-Cultural Communications for their new missionaries. Terence has a Masters in Christian Communication, Ingrid has a bachelor's in Intercultural Studies, and together we have created a cross-cultural family. We don't say this often, but it felt like we were a pretty qualified team to teach this course!

We got to work right away on planning out the course. We finished writing it and filming it. Now it is on to edit the videos before sending them off for translations in the four major languages of our Church. 

Please be prayer for this project because we can only work on it during our "off hours" as it is not part of our SEA Field job description.
Ingrid always says the quickest way to heart is through the stomach. Although she hasn't been able to physically join in the badminton court, she has been making bento boxes (Japanese-style lunch boxes) for the players every week. At almost every opportunity, Terence is also bringing donuts, Filipino snacks, and other treats. 

These food fellowships with the players have brought more and more avenues for conversations. Jesus has become a natural topic of discussion.
While sharing in a meal, Terence was speaking with a Thai player about the upcoming international tournament and Terence's desire for Japan to win. 

"Didn't Japan invade the Philippines?"

"Invade? They didn't just invade; They tortured us, raped our women, killed our babies, starved us..."

"Then why are you rooting for them?"

And from there, Terence was able to introduce the gift of forgiveness. We are praying that these conversations are just small seeds that the Lord can use to grow in our friends. 
Last month is considered New Year in many places around Southeast Asia. The church takes this opportunity to create NYI Camps and Trainings since there is no school. Southern Myanmar District hosted multiple camps and trainings where many were led to the Lord.

This would not have been possible without the funds that were donated. We are praying this inspires other districts to continue the Lord's work without worrying about finaces.

Next month, we will have the opportunity to share about NYI with the Field's District Superintendents. 

Please continue to pray for our NYI and District leaders as we all work together to make disciples. 


Although our calendars are revolved around our proximity to the Sun or acknowledge certain birthdays or anniversaries, The Christian Church runs on a different calendar. We have six seasons: Advent (anticipation), Christmas(celebration), Epiphany(growth), Lent(anticipation), Easter(celebration), and Pentecost(growth). The Easter season doesn't end on Easter Sunday. The church celebrates the Resurrection of Christ until Pentecost Sunday. Then we enter a new season, Pentecost Season--a time for growth. 

Just as the Earth and the Church have seasons, so do we. For example, right now, our family is in the Toddler Season. Yes, it is difficult, but these seasons don't last, so we try to cherish every tantrum and night terror. Maybe your family is in a season of mourning. Maybe you are finding yourself in a season of growth. Some seasons we cannot control, but we can control how we respond to them. 

In the past two months, our family has experienced many changes in the season. Some of these changes felt great and some... not so great. There has been lots of celebrating and grieving. And lots and lots of praying. We may not share them all right now or ever, but we ask that you continue to pray for us as we enter this season.

We will share with you one of those changes that come with this new season:

Some of you may have known, but we have been assigned to be a part of a new team in our ministry: The Pioneer Team or New Area Development. Our goal is to start a church where there is none. This means we will be moving out of Bangkok in the near future (end of this year or beginning of next year). 

In April, we saw several areas that the Field asked us to pray about starting a church in. We prayed that the Lord would go ahead of us, show us where He was working, and where He was inviting us to join Him.

We faced an unexpected problem:

He was inviting us everywhere.

Every place we visited, our hearts broke. Every place, we saw our family flourishing. Every place, we saw God working. 

We cannot tell you all of the places due to their proximity to areas that are hostile to the Gospel. But we feel God is moving us to a specific location. This new location would pose many challenges and changes. It's frightening and exciting. Some of our leaders are supportive, some are not as supportive. 

We ask that you join us in prayer in this new season.  
In the Philippines, dedicating a child to the Lord is a big deal. There's a ceremony, an after-party, godparents... when it was finally confirmed that we would go to Cebu, we asked our pastor if she could dedicate the children. She gladly accepted. However, about a week before the dedication, the district announced a mandatory gathering for the 75th anniversary of the Philippines. Us, our pastor, and the district all worked together to include the kids' dedication ceremony during the 75th-anniversary celebration. It was extra special because although technically it was a dedication, the district also commissioned Jubilee and Lukas as their first MKs. Being a Missionary Kid is also a calling, and the district acknowledged their sacrifice. It was a special time.
Our Little Kas-Kas has now become a 1-year-old! We celebrate his first journey around the Sun. He is such a happy and lovable boy. He enjoys cuddles and bumping his head and whining so he can get more cuddles. 

He loves chasing Jubilee and other kids everywhere--even if he can only crawl. He does know how to take many solo steps but is too shy to walk in front of people. 
After horrible and horrifying incidents with rat in our house, we have also decided to adopt a new family member: Meet Koko!

She is super gentle with the kids, she is cuddly, purrs a lot, playful and very active with the rats! 

One time saw a rat run across the bathroom and she didn't think twice chasing it. She even stuck her hand into the drain where the rat escaped!

We are so happy to have her be part of our family!
After months of doctor visits, medications, and tests, Jubilee was diagnosed with asthma, but we aren't sure if this is the end of her journey. We had to invest in a nebulizer for the nights when she is coughing up her lungs. Although it has decreased her coughs, it has not eliminated them. We also invested in a vacuum to get rid of the dust that she may be allergic to. Althogh she continues to cough, she remains our happy, singing little girl. She loves animals and is learning to accept Toto (little brother) Kas as her playmate. We love watching them play, fight, and solve problems on their own. 


Language Study: Language Study is back on and we are needing to catch up on missed time! If you are reading this, we beg you to stop and pray right now for our language study. We need to take a test in November, and depending on the outcome of that test will determine our ministry and what our time in Thailand will look like. Thank you for praying for this need!

SEA Field Youth: Please be in prayer for our young leaders in the Southeast Asia Field as we make Christlike disciples during times of political turmoil, Anti-Christian propaganda, leadership limitation, recovery from genocides, and of course, the coronavirus. Pray for the SEA Field leaders to give our young people the opportunity to serve. 

Badminton Outreach: Some days it feels like we are about to have a breakthrough. Some days it feels like it doesn't. We know God is working even when we cannot. We know He is good. Ingrid has been learning how to cook for the athletes so that Terence has more time to intentional speak with them. Please specifically pray for Mr. A and Nong Nai... and Ingrid's cooking. 

Cross-Cultural Communications Course: Please be in prayer for this course. We love teaching it. We believe that it is important. We want that passion to translate to the people taking this class. Pray that we are able to finish editing as soon as possible so it can be translated and distributed.

Unspoken: You may or may not have noticed that we had to skip a month of our newsletter. We were traveling a lot, praying, and having meetings about making difficult decisions. It feels like more and more decisions are needed to be made. There are lots of emotions. We need more prayer, and we would appreciate it if you joined us.
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