Home Assignment 2021

The light is green! We are ready to schedule our Home Assignment for 2021. We initially planned to come home in the Summer, but it looks like we need to postpone until the Fall/Winter of 2021 and 2022. 

We created a quick guide below. The districts shown are where people have verbally invited us. USA districts will be in late 2021 and Philippine districts will be in early 2022. 

Anticipated Questions and Concerns

Aww... I wanted you on a Sunday morning, but you're already booked...
We're sorry! We are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, there are some options available for you. 

1. A mission service does not need to be on a Sunday morning. We have seen some churches that invited us to their small groups. Churches have opened up opportunities for us to connect with their congregation through game nights. One church just hosted a BBQ lunch at someone's house where we shared. Prayer meetings, Men's breakfast, youth groups, children's camps... We don't need to limit God's message to a Sunday morning! 

2. We can prerecord a message for your church. Thanks to the COVID, our churches have had to sink or swim when it comes to technology. We thank God that many of our churches have been able to swim through this pandemic. If you feel a prerecorded message is better for your church, please let us know. 

How can I know if you've been scheduled already?
We will constantly update our schedule on our monthly newsletters and our FB page.

There are some gaps in the dates.
The gaps are traveling days. The distance between some of these districts is 20 hours of driving! Not only will we be traveling in the fall/winter (which neither of us has done), we will also have a baby. We cannot afford domestic airfare for our family plus all of the overweight luggage we'll be carrying around. A rental car is our cheapest option.

You're not coming to my district.
We're sorry. As you can see, our schedule is pretty tight. We prioritized districts that the leaders have verbally invited us. If you want us to come to your district at our HA2023, please let your district leader know. We hope to see you soon!

You'll be in the States for the holidays! You can stay with us!
Thank you so much! We appreciate the thought, but this will be the first time Ingrid has spent the holidays with her family in five years. This will also be Terence's and Jubilee's first time to spend the holidays with this side of the family. We would like to cherish this time. 


We opened an Instagram account!

But it's not your typical filtered photos of glam. Instead, we are drawing moments of our life that you don't read about in missionary books and devotionals. 

You may notice that Terence's name is Tao, Ingrid is Ink, and Jubilee is "Tip" or "Nong Tip." These are our Thai nicknames. We decided to not use our real names for security purposes.

If you are on Instagram, follow us @mixedmissionarymistakes. Or hit the bottom of this newsletter and check out the Instagram logo with "Laugh." 

In Sickness and Health

We are sorry for the delay in writing our newsletter. We also don't have many stories to share this month. This was mainly due to our whole family getting ill. 

First Ingrid got a bad infection in her kidney. Then about a week later, Terence got severe food poisoning and was hospitalized. During that week, he caught a cold which he spread to Jubilee and Ingrid. Then a week later, Jubilee got an infection in her tummy. Once Jubilee got better, Ingrid was getting migraines for days nonstop. We ended up taking her to the hospital because no medication was working for her. The doctor ended up prescribing a massage! 

We are just now feeling better. We thank God for giving us insurance so we can get the help we need. For those who followed part of our journey on social media, thank you for praying for us! We pray that the rest of 2020 is a healthy one!

Prayer Requests

Badminton: We are seeing growth in our ministry every session. We pray for more God-given opportunities. We will share some stories in our next newsletter. So be on the look out!

Workshop: Ingrid will be leading a workshop on contextualization for pastors in the Central Visayas District on October 24. Pray for Ingrid as she prepares this very important workshop, and also pray for the pastors that they don't get a stroke from listening to English!

Work: We are preparing for our next online classes among other projects. Keep our students in mind.

Language Study: We will be taking the Thai proficiency exam in March 2021. That means we need to pass an exam that is the same level as a 6th-grader Thai exam. Our problem is... we don't think we can pass a 6th-grade exam in our own native language! Please pray for our language studies and for this exam!

COVID: Ingrid's whole family has recovered from COVID. No one needed to be hospitalized and the worst symptom was a mild fever. We thank God for his protection!

2021: We are now scheduling churches for 2021. Check out the calendar and schedule with us as soon as possible!

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