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“Where was your Church?”

This was the question a young Thai man asked Terence a few weeks ago after a night of playing badminton. He had told Terence the story of his Christian mother losing her battle with cancer… and no one from the Christian church had come to help the family. No one from the church attended her funeral.

“Where was your Church? Your Church did not come.”

His angry words have rung in our ears these past few weeks. Where was the church?

The Church in Southeast Asia has had a long and difficult history. With genocides, wars, and communism, more than half of its people live in communities that are hostile to the Gospel leaving only 1% of the population as Christian. Despite the spiritual welfare and government resistance, your Church has somehow taken root in the tough soil here. Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest-growing Fields in the Region... but still...

...where is your church?

We couldn't be there for that young man's mother, but we can be there for him now. Every night the court was open, Terence showed up waiting for that young man to return. After about a month, the man returned and gave Terence the silent treatment. 

But the church was there.

That night of silent treatment, Terence was able to connect with nearly everyone else on the court. He was even able to share Christ with another person we prayed for that night. 
Two weeks ago, a badminton teammate’s mother had passed away. 

Where was your church?

Your church was with our grieving Buddhist friend showing the love of Christ. And after the funeral, that friend did something that Thai never do: they hugged us. They embraced your church.

We are proud to report: Your Church is here in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
Someone once told us that the job of a missionary is to work yourself out of a job

We think that this description is not just meant for missionaries, but all ministers and Christian servants. If you are not mentoring someone to take your place in the church, your seat will remain empty when you leave. Start looking for someone to take that seat. Perhaps that person is already a Christian, but needs an encouraging push to become a leader. Maybe that person does not yet know Christ. But whatever we do, we learn, we teach, we move on and repeat

Since Day One at the office, we have been looking for the next media person of the Field. Someone who can hold a camera, edit the footage, design documents... We found that person in Pi Mo. When we met Pi Mo, she was being trained as a treasurer for the bible school. However, when you opened up her desk, you would see bundles of sketchbooks, doodles, and other materials. We found out that she is naturally talented in watercolor, ink, drawing, and color. She had a deep desire to learn photography and design, and we knew at once--this is the woman who will take over our jobs when we leave. 

After a year, Pi Mo has taken over the Thai language Mobile Education Program videos. She has created designs for her church and district. She is teaching others art. It is so inspiring to watch her and let her take over. We cannot wait to see where she will go. 

We're Moving
God's Moving

We love our house, but as our family grows and our work grows... we have realized that we need to relocate. Our home was too far from our office, our church, our outreach, our hospital... everything! 

We curiously started to look at other houses near our office. Pi Jum, a teammate in badminton that we are praying for, mentioned that she knew a home we could check out. 

The house was the same price as our current home, bigger, newly renovated, and a bike ride to the office. Not only that, but we would be neighbors with not just Pi Jum and her husband, but with the family for whom we were praying

We are thanking God for this opportunity! We pray that this opens more doors to share life and speak Christ to our friends.

Happy Birthday, Jubilee!

This is not a drill!

Our little baby girl is now a one-year-old! She loves planets, space, alphabets, the color yellow... and putting anything she can in her mouth. She is taking steps now but still prefers crawling to all the places she shouldn't go. 

Thank you for praying for her teething. In one month, she got her first four teeth! We thank God for her life and the one year we have with her. Many more to go!
One Second a Day in the Year of Jubilee!

We know that many of you could not see our little girl grow up. It has been difficult raising her without our dearest friends and family. We hope this video gives you a glimpse into her first year of life, and we cannot wait for you all to meet her.

Video doesn't work? Click here to see it on YouTube!

Coming Soon!

Baby Lustaña #2 is on his way. That's right! If you haven't already heard, Jubilee is getting a baby brother! We are excited for what next year will look like.



PRAISE ~ Language Study: Ingrid was able to preach her first sermon in Thai! This is a huge accomplishment for any missionary in any field who is learning a foreign language. We are so proud of her!

PRAYER ~ Language Study: Next month, it will be Terence's turn to preach! Please keep in your prayers!

Also, we will be taking the Thai proficiency exam in March 2021.  Please pray for our language studies and for this exam!

COVID19: Our families seem to be in and out of the hospital all this month due to the coronavirus and other issues. It is always hard to be away at this time.

Work: We are preparing for our next online classes among other projects. Keep our students in mind.
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We're Coming Home!

We created a quick guide of what our Home Assignment will look like below. The districts shown are where people have verbally invited us. USA districts (LA, Northwest, Rocky Mt., Kansas, Virginia, Southern Florida, Florida) will be in late 2021 and Philippine districts (Central Visayas, Western Mindanao, Southern Tagalog, Metro Manila) will be in early 2022

Above is a button that will lead you to a GoogleSheets. It will show you our current schedule of which days are booked already. 

If a day you wanted has already been taken, we're sorry! We are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, there are some options available for you. 

1. A mission service does not need to be on a Sunday morning. We have seen some churches that invited us to their small groups. Churches have opened up opportunities for us to connect with their congregation through game nights. One church just hosted a BBQ lunch at someone's house where we shared. Prayer meetings, Men's breakfast, youth groups, children's camps... We don't need to limit God's message to a Sunday morning! 

2. We can prerecord a message for your church. Thanks to the COVID, our churches have had to sink or swim when it comes to technology. We thank God that many of our churches have been able to swim through this pandemic. If you feel a prerecorded message is better for your church, please let us know. 

Don't wait for a year. Email us right away! We can't wait to see you all again!

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