Roadmap: Data Infrastructure

The success of a modern business, from small-to-medium companies to Fortune 500 enterprises, is increasingly tied to the ability to glean valuable insights or to drive superior user experiences from its data. As the technical barriers to making use of data have gone down in recent years, organizations have realized that data infrastructure is fundamentally tied to accelerating product innovation, optimizing financial management, surfacing customer insights, and building flexible and nimble operations to outmaneuver the competitive landscape. After all, global organizational spending on infrastructure has topped more than $180 billion and continues to grow every year.

Just as we have seen the developer economy take center stage and transform the way businesses operate with cloud-enabled technologies and even empower non-developers to extend their capabilities, we believe the technology underpinning data is undergoing a similar type of evolution. 

One thing is clear — a wave of startups enabling the next generation of data-driven businesses is on the rise, as they offer better and easier-to-use infrastructure for accessing, analyzing, and furthering the use of data. 
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