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Data & Animal Cams in Preschool
Virtual Workshop #3 in 2020-2021 Preschool STEM Workshop Series

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Topic: Data collection & analysis in preschool in the context of using animal cams. We'll explore the what and why, virtual learning considerations, and activity ideas.

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Spotlight on an Educator

Susan Taylor St. Lawrence

Congratulations to Susan Taylor St. Lawrence, who was selected as our "featured educator".

Susan's preschoolers have been studying Eagles by watching them on a webcam. They have been studying the eagles' eggs, nest, habitat, and more! Check out the "Try It Out" section to learn more about their explorations!!



Activity Ideas

Try It Out!


Eagle Cameras

Watching animals through a live webcam offers children the opportunity to observe habitats and behavior patterns we would not typically get to see. Try watching this eagle camera (or another animal cameras) with the activities below! These activities are inspired by our collaboration between Susan and ETSU's ECED university students. 


Activity #1- Eagle Calendars

Check in on the eagle cameras each day to make observations of the eagles. Talk about what you see on the camera, such as the behavior of the eagles, what you see in the nest, and the weather. Notice how many eggs there are and the changes that occur to the eggs (and eventually eaglets) as time passes. Have children track these observations on a calendar. You can use the data collected to make links between weather and daily eagle events as well as any other patterns that emerge.

Activity #2- How Wide is that Nest?
After observing the eagle nest, talk with children about the size of the nest. Create a life-sized model with them so children can see just how big what they are seeing on camera really is! Create the model by using a drawing, pillows, or sticks and leaves. Have children make measurements of the nest as they create it. Check out the nest Susan's class created below!! 




Books and More



Wild Kratts Episode on Eagles 

Peep and the Big Wide World episode, "Chirp Builds a Nest"


Books for Kids

Eagle and Data Collection books for kids 

Eagle in the Sky by Ryan Jacobson 

This interactive book shows children how eagles live each day. 

My Little Book of Bald Eagles by Hope Irvin Marston

Learn about the lives of bald eagles and how they live. 

Actual Size by Steve Jenkins (This book is perfect to pair with the nest and wingspan activities!)

This book makes comparisons to show the actual sizes of different animals.

The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy

Explore a variety of different graphs and how they are used with this book. 

Lemonade for Sale by Stuart J. Murphy

This book introduces children to the concept of bar graphs and how to create them.


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