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In Sweden, at our HemoCue global headquarters, we have just passed the shortest day of the year – December 21, which marks the returning of longer days and more daylight not to forget. With this last What’s ON newsletter of the year, I would like to extend my thanks for the collaboration in 2022 on behalf of the Global Marketing team and wish you lots of light and joy regardless of whether you are celebrating Christmas or another great festival or celebration in the coming period. May 2023 be prosperous for you all.

We hope you have enjoyed the What’s ON newsletter and other activities that we have shared. We look forward to sharing updates and driving projects and activities together with you in 2023 as well.

This last edition of the newsletter includes a short “Get-to-know” section on Kasper Schweitz, our new President who joined HemoCue on November 1st. In addition, we have included nice success stories for the HemoCue Hb portfolio from 2022, a follow-up note on the HemoCue 40-year celebration, information on our strategy deployment; and not the least, an update on new and updated Marketing material that is ready for you to use.

In the spirit of ensuring continous improvement, your feedback to the newsletter or other activities from Global Marketing is most welcome.

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Get to know Kasper Schweitz

On November 1, we welcomed Kasper Schweitz as the new President of HemoCue. Kasper comes from Radiometer, another Danaher OpCo, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the diagnostics industry. We asked Kasper some questions to get to know him a little better. Continue reading to find out how he describes his leadership style - and more!

How would you describe your leadership style?

My favorite leadership style is coaching and empowering. I believe that the best decisions are made by teams who are fully informed, empowered and trusted. The required leadership style depends on the given situation of course. If the team is relatively new and unexperienced, the leadership style would be more instructive and empowering. I truly believe that associates who feel trusted dare to be the best versions of themselves, and bring more creativity and fun to work. That is why trust is among my top three leadership values along with honesty and curiosity.

What are you most excited about for HemoCue in 2023?

Personally, I am excited about working with highly talented and engaged colleagues who are living out our vision of improving global healthcare every day. Our solutions touch four human beings every second. That could be somebody’s mother, father, son, daughter or grandparent - and that makes me very proud on behalf of HemoCue.

We have good opportunities to grow and make an even bigger positive impact on global healthcare with our strong offering on important, easy-to-use, and high-quality point-of-care testing. We might be a small company, but our impact is significant.

2022 – an excellent year for the Hb portfolio

This year has been especially successful for the Hb 801 system, which was introduced to several new countries. The revenue growth has passed more than 50% from 2021.

Part of this growth comes from Thailand, where we successfully placed 200 analyzers in hospitals. This was made possible because of the hospital claim on the system combined with the excellent work from local sales.

US has, since the launch in 2019, placed more than 11,000 Hb 801 analyzers on the market, which is quite an achievement. This has surely had an impact on the limited success of the introduction of the competing private label system from McKesson.

We have also seen great achievement in France with a successful introduction of the Hb 801 to the firemen that are running the ambulance services.

Many of these stories can be partly credited to the relentless work from the HemoCue Headquarters. We have worked to expand the Intended Use of the system, and the MarCom/Product Management Team has run some excellent campaigns on Anemia in combination with WBC DIFF within Elderly Care, and the benefits of having the Hb 801 in road ambulances.

Another great story worth highlighting is from the complaint department. Out of all the HemoCue systems, the Hb 801 is the system that has the lowest complaint rate. A truly great system in all aspects.

There are many more success stories on the way in combination with the Hb 801 Exchange campaign that will kick off in Q1 2023. So, stay tuned for more great news on the Hb 801 system soon…

HemoCue turned 40 – let’s take it away!

On October 26, we celebrated HemoCue’s 40th anniversary. We are very proud of the groundbreaking work done by our founders and the numerous innovations we have developed throughout the years. We are equally proud of all the support, engagement and feedback we have received from customer and partners in the development of – and during, the 40th anniversary campaign.

Success can be measured in many ways, but we would like to highlight that during the period of the campaign, followers on social media increased by over 100% and the engagement by over 200% as compared to the previous period. Thanks to everybody for sharing and engaging!

Looking forward, we would like to leverage all the good work and learnings that have gone into this campaign. So, throughout next year, you will see more activities along the lines of “…and we are just getting started”, starting with HemoCue’s internal Global Kick-Off in January 2023, where the different tracks will be based on the anniversary pillars; accuracy, caring, partnership and innovation.

Finally, we have created a campaign site where you will find all campaign material related to the 40 year anniversary available for download and use. You can access the site here: 40 year campaign site.

A look into what lies ahead

In the upcoming years 2023 - 2025, HemoCue will put a lot of effort into growth and on strategies for how to achieve the growth target. This includes commercial program support, innovation and future product launches.

During the fall of 2022, sales and marketing have worked intensively to get a clearer view of challenges and potentials of different markets when putting the various commercial programs together.

It has been an intense period, but we feel confident that we have a great mix of direct commercial programs, trainings and support that will contribute to the growth.

We look forward to uncover more of these at the Global Kick-Off in January - and in the next issue of What’s ON!

New and Updated Marketing Material

Below is a list of marketing material that have been released from September 2022 and onward. To find these assets, please explore ATHENA or Extranet depending on your credentials. The article number is within brackets.

For those of you who don’t have access to Athena, the instruction videos are also available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel.

The E-learnings are available on HemoCue Education Center.

New Global material (INT versions)

  • Competitor material HbA1c vs EKF Quo Lab (GPM855INT)

  • 40 Years Anniversary material available in HemoCue Portal

  • Several information letters regarding IVDR related updates

Updates - can include an update of intended use, claims or general text. Make sure to compare the revision date in the article number (GPMXXXINT YYMMDD) so you always use the current, approved version and stay compliant.

  • Glucose 201RT shipping and storage Product sheet (GPM096INT)

  • Glucose 201 RT Presentation external (GPM274INT)

  • Glucose 201 RT Product sheet (GPM319INT)

  • Glucose 201 RT DM Product sheet (GPM320INT)

  • 5MTI selling against Abbott Freestyle Precision Pro (GPM375INT)

  • 5MTI selling against Accu-Chek Inform II (GPM376INT)

  • 5MTI selling against Nova StatStrip (GPM377INT)

  • Swedish Hb 201+ Product Sheet (GPM307SE)

Please note that we are currently updating material related to IVDR compliance, e.g., measuring range for our systems. Keep an eye out on Athena/Extranet for the latest versions. This applies to marketing material as well as Instructions for Use. If you can’t find required translations of the updated versions, please contact us at

Inactivated - material that for some reason have been taken out of use i.e., non-compliant, and shall not be used or distributed.


The Global Marketing team wishes you a happy holiday - see you in the next year!