Dear colleagues, Dear partners,

On behalf of HemoCue’s Global Marketing Department, I am happy to introduce the latest edition of the WHAT’S ON newsletter. With this October edition, we are sharing the latest news about our continuous supply chain efforts to ensure high delivery performance to our partners and end-customers. We are also sharing news regarding updates of our HemoCue Portal that includes the new Picure Gallery as well as new marketing material. In addition, the newsletter talks to our 40 year anniversary activities that were kicked-off exactly 40 days before the day of the anniversary: October 26th 2022.

The overall message of the anniversary campaign is “40 years – and we are just getting started” which honors our history and the anniversary but also frames our ambition of building an even stronger future for HemoCue both internally and with our Partners. We hope you have enjoyed the celebration activities so far including our social media communication. If you are not already, we would be happy to see you following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We hope you will enjoy reading the newsletter and as always, do reach out with input and feedback.

HemoCue continues excellent product delivery despite challenging market conditions

Global supply chains remain under pressure, despite this, HemoCue has continued to deliver products as expected. Through great initiatives in Operations, our production of products has been at the levels that our distribution partners and customers have come to expect. To achieve this, HemoCue Operations has taken pro-active steps to drive tight and transparent communication with our key suppliers and sub-suppliers. We continue to focus on items that are within our control:

  • We’re continuously working closely with critical suppliers and sub-suppliers to ensure prioritization of critical components and materials

  • We’ve intensified our collaboration with partners within logistics to secure the global transportation of our products and raw materials

  • We’ve increased our inventory levels where we see potential risk on critical components

  • We’ve focused on our internal processes including forecasting

HemoCue aims to keep our distribution partners and customers supplied and you can be assured that this remains one of our top priorities!

Updates on the HemoCue Portal

Did you know that material and new functions are continously being added to the portal? Our ambition is to create a user-friendly single point of entry for material which is relevant for HemoCue employees and our commercial partners. This is a constant journey, and we would like to highlight some things that have recently been added.

The Picture Gallery has now been moved to the DAM (Digital Asset Management) called Media Library, and you will be able to access it by logging in to the Portal and creating an account. Browse over 3,000 images of HemoCue products and settings with an easy download function.

Furthermore, we are developing campaigns that are being used by some markets to generate revenue growth. Please have a look at the campaigns to get some inspiration and contact us at if you have questions or would like to discuss a campaign.

We want to make it easy to find the right material and resources that are useful and relevant in a Sales Situation. When using the Virtual Sales Tool, click on the Media Library after choosing the product of interest and you will see updated material such as Product Sheet, Performance Comparison etc. Again, contact us at if you have questions or would like to discuss a specific material.

We’re happy to see that the Portal is being used by many of you and in the last couple of weeks we have seen an increase in new users. We hope that you are able to find what you need and enjoy the new Portal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions for improvements or would like to see other materials on the site.

If you don’t have access to the Portal but would like to have it, please create an account at

40th Anniversary with HemoCue

The story of HemoCue’s 40th anniversary is a celebration of past achievements and the values that made the company a success: innovation, partnership, caring, accuracy and a drive to make the impossible possible. But it is also an enthusiastic vision of what lies ahead. How the spirit of our founders is alive and well, and how the ideals that shaped us continue to guide our actions and spur new innovations.

The anniversary campaign was launched on the 16th of September which happens to be 40 days prior to the actual anniversary date 26th of October. On that date, HemoCue received it’s first order from Kristianstads Municipal Hospital for a Hb testing device. Now, 40 years later, they are still our customer, using both Glucose and Hb DM instruments.

The design elements of the campaign logotype originates from our cuvette shape that forms part of the figure 4. We are also introducing the colour blue, or should we say re-introducing, as blue was part of HemoCue’s previous brand identity. The logotype merges past with present but also looking forward as we are just getting started.

As indicated, the campaign is built on four values; innovation, partnership, caring and accuracy. Each week leading up to the date, we will launch a subtheme on the anniversary website. We are also publishing social media posts covering past and present stories related to the subtheme. Recently, we had a deep dive into innovation where we learnt that a vacuum cleaner played a vital role in the development of the 301 cuvette. You can read the story on the anniversary website.

The campaign assets developed will be made available from the HemoCue portal during October, unless you have not already received them from you local marketing representative. The focus of the campaign is on the date 26th of October but will continue throughout 2023 and can of course be connected to other campaigns on both global and local levels.

Stay tuned on social media to follow the campaign and save the date 26th of October in you calendar!

New and Updated Marketing Material

Below is a list of marketing material that has been released from June 2022 and onward. To find these assets, please explore ATHENA or Extranet depending on your credentials. The article number is within brackets.

For those of you who don’t have access to Athena, the instruction videos are also available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel.

The E-learnings are available on HemoCue Education Center.

New Global material (INT versions)

  • Womens Health Survey - Global voice of 1701 women (GPM912INT)

  • Poster Diabetes Prevalence (GPM925INT)

  • Video Diabetes Prevalence (GPM844INT)

  • Video Preventive testing diabetes (GPM845INT)

  • Poster Preventive testing diabetes (GPM926INT)

  • Ad Point of Care (GPM927INT (A4 size), GPM928INT (A5 size))

  • DM Network Diagram PPT (GPM850INT)

Updates - can include an update of intended use, claims or general text. Make sure to compare the revision date in the article number (GPMXXXINT YYMMDD) so you always use the current, approved version and stay compliant.

  • Healthtrender Hb 201+ product sheet (GPM415INT)

  • Brochure Blood Banks (GPM006GB)

  • Summary all Products (GPM007GB)

  • Hb 301 Basic PPT (GPM180INT)

  • Hb 201+ Shipping and Storage (GPM186INT)

  • Hb 201+ Basic PPT (GPM286INT)

  • Hb 301 Kit (GPM294INT)

  • Hb 201+ Product sheet (GPM307INT)

  • Swedish Hb 201+ Product sheet (GPM307SE)

  • Hb 201 DM Product sheet (GPM308INT)

  • Swedish Hb 201 DM Product Sheet (GPM308SE)

  • Hb 301 Product sheet (GPM309INT)

  • Hb 201 Veterinary Product sheet (GPM356INT)

  • Hb Comparison competitors table (GPM522INT)

  • It’s time to replace copper sulfate PPT (GPM602INT)

  • Technical letter No 15 Quality Assurance HemoCue Hb products (GPM197INT)

Inactivated - material that for some reason has been taken out of use i.e., is non-compliant, and shall not be used or distributed.

  • Technical Letter No 18 WBC in synovial fluid