Dear all,

With summer upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere!), the Global Marketing Team would like to thank you all for the collaboration as well as the results we achieved together in the first half of 2022. In Global Marketing, we made it our goal to deliver commercial programs and campaigns in a more structured way. We also set out to improve communication around the different activities and events. This newsletter is one example, and we also launched knowledge sharing webinars and a new digital HemoCue Portal. We hope we have lived up to your expectations as we continue to run the commercial programs and to improve communication in the second half of 2022.

With this third edition of the 2022 Global Marketing Newsletter, we are sharing news about our commercial campaigns, anemia program, channel partners, anniversary plans, strategy and market insights.

Enjoy reading and do reach out with input and feedback.

Happy summer!

Creating Excitement Among our Channel Partners

One of our most prioritized areas this year has been the Channel Partner Building program. The overall purpose is to deepen our collaboration with channel partners and to create a sense of excitement – excitement to work with HemoCue. To achieve this, we have focused on increasing competences in selling new products or selling into a new segment. This is no small task as it spans over several areas and functions within HemoCue. Our first priority is restructuring and improving our digital training programs for our products, and examining the competitive landscape. We aim to launch this new and improved product training portal after the summer.

To address the second topic – entering new segments – we started out with emergency departments for our Hb portfolio. Our colleagues in France have done some great work in this area and we have learned a lot from them and are now adapting this to a global approach.

There has been very good work and discussions between Sales (HemoCue & Distribution) and Marketing and together we have decided to focus on key areas such as:

  • Value propositions for key stakeholders in the segment

  • Overcoming objections and selling against competition e.g., blood gas, lab and Hct

  • Building references: case studies, testimonials and success stories

  • Connectivity options

It will be a real team effort to make this happen between not only Sales and Marketing, but also our channel partners. We are targeting a launch of the first materials in the beginning of September. Our hope is that this approach of targeting a specific segment with dedicated marketing and sales materials and improved training will lead to even more success for HemoCue and our partners!

Grow and Defend Hb Commercial Program

The Hb/WBC combo campaign targeting the elderly care segment has been running in Australia for the last few months with successful awareness and lead generating activities. The campaign has now also launched in Denmark and French translations are under development. Let us know if you’d like to run the complete campaign or parts of it in your market!

Since the end of last year, road ambulance setting is included in the intended use for the Hb 801 System. This open new avenues for commercialization and allows us to speak directly to the market about using our star product in emergency vehicles. A package with marketing materials related to this has been developed and will be distributed in the next couple of weeks. Feel free to use this material when exploring opportunities within the ambulance segment in your country.

Customer and Market Insights to Define Future Portfolio Opportunities

Stakeholders from across HemoCue are conducting a host of activities, including an intensive workshop and customer engagement in key markets, to define HemoCue’s future products and solutions. The broader team, including clinical experts and commercial stakeholders, benefited greatly from Danaher process improvement leaders, who provided external perspectives.

Marketing and R&D went on joint customer site visits to get a firsthand look at clinical and operational workflows. Visiting multiple sites across a broad range of usage models allowed us to pinpoint the greatest need for specific product areas. Initial product concepts were validated with customers, allowing the team to test and confirm ideas and focus on where we will drive unique competitive advantage. The result has been significantly greater clarity on future portfolio opportunities and increased conviction for continued investment.

Efforts to beef up our market and competitive insight have also accelerated, with continued engagement in the field. We are now conducting focused knowledge sharing sessions to broaden the funnel of market intelligence. This work will improve the ability of our commercial partners to react to new opportunities and focus for greatest impact.

Focus on Anemia

Our products play a vital role in diagnosing anemia, and so we have been working with select markets on developing our anemia business. We have learned a great deal and confirmed much of our understanding of the market, but we are hoping to do even more in the field. After the summer holidays, we will activate our knowledge and contacts. We are in the early stages of creating an anemia webinar aimed at sharing knowledge and experience between anemia subject matter experts, and are building a more substantial HealthTrender funnel. Marcom has also published the anemia campaign on the portal, so please review, and if you’d like to hear more, book an alignment meeting by sending an email to

Happy 40th Anniversary HemoCue!

On October 26, 1982, HemoCue received its first order. A lot has changed since those days of shoulder pads and big hairstyles, but not our dedication to our customers and commitment to innovation. We plan on celebrating this big milestone both internally and externally and are currently crafting a central story about HemoCue’s evolution through the years. Based on this story, we will create a range of digital materials including imagery, banners, posts and more that you can use in your local communication. There will also be a celebration on the actual day including all our subsidiaries. So, dust off your leg warmers, trim your mullet and look for more news after the summer on this topic.

New and Updated Marketing Material

Below is a list of marketing material that has been released during April and June 2022, below is a more comprehensive list. To find these assets, please explore ATHENA or Extranet depending on your credentials. The article number is within brackets.

The E-learnings are available on HemoCue Education Center.

The instruction videos are also available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel.

New Global material (INT versions)

  • PPT Basic Plasma/low Hb System (GPM836INT)

  • Instruction videos Albumin and Plasma/Low (GPM817INT, GPM817US, GPM818INT, GPM818US)

  • Hb 801 Kit Product Sheet (GPM835INT)

  • New Elderly brochure (GPM909INT)

  • White Paper Strip meter summary in PPT (GPM908INT)

  • 5MTI Hb 201 DM Hb 801 vs Abbott Istat (GPM907INT)

  • Hb/WBC Combo campaign materiel for Social Media channels

  • HemoCue Sustainability Report 2021 (GPM834INT) New Translations

  • Hb 801 ambulance brochure (GPM843INT)

  • Customer Story WBC DIFF DK (GPM842INT)

New Global material (INT versions)

  • Japanese translation of Capillary sampling poster (GPM438JP)

  • Japanese translation of 3 x instruction videos GPM497JP, GPM498JP, GPM499JP)

  • Swedish Translation Video WBC DIFF in Elderly Care (GPM902SE)

  • Italian Translation of HbA1c product sheet (GPM269IT)

Updates - can include an update of intended use, claims or general text. Make sure to compare the revision date in the article number (GPMXXXINT YYMMDD) so you always use the current, approved version and stay compliant.

  • Update Product sheet Carrying case (GPM373INT)

  • Update Product sheet Hb 801 (GPM518INT)

  • Update Dutch Bridge Glucose 201 RT DM (GPM819NL