Dear all, welcome to the first edition of the 2022 Global Marketing Newsletter which was introduced at the HemoCue Marketing and International Sales kick-off meeting on January 19. The purpose of the Newsletter “WHAT’S ON” is to share information from Global Marketing, such as updates around new campaigns, scientific material and webinars. It can also include future perspective of our portfolio and thoughts on how we can accelerate growth by process improvements.

Below, you can read more about our new interactive calendar that will be continuously updated to help stay on top with activities happening both globally and locally.

In a highly regulated market it is important to always be compliant, therefore we have included a section indicating updates of marketing or scientific material so that you always have access to current material and if needed - to also update your website or inform your sales team.

Enjoy the reading and do reach out to us with input and feedback.

Best regards Monika Gram Ritter.

Promotional Programs 2022

For 2022, three promotional programs have been agreed between sales and marketing including campaigns, scientific material and digital enablement. The three promotional programs are: Grow and sustain Hb which includes the extended intended use of the HemoCue® Hb 801 System in ambulances. Anemia in High Growth Markets, including pilots of HealthTrender and no less than four anemia academies for distributors and channel partners. HbA1c testing at the point of care, where we will continue the positioning around the value of near patient HbA1c testing with promotional campaigns, updated scientific material and more. The promotional programs will also link into our Channel Partner Building Program where we strive to build stronger standard work to support our partners with various tools, assets, and much more.

As also presented at the kick-off: We will drive several enablement projects, e.g. building a stronger value proposition and messaging for POC testing versus lab testing. More to come on these activities.

Developing Customer and Market Insight to Define Future Portfolio Opportunities

During the last year we have increased focus on defining future products and solutions. We continue this work as we ramp up efforts to engage clinical customers and other end users. A series of meetings have kicked off to help quantify the main challenges that customers seek solutions for in point-of-care testing specific to our pre-defined areas of interest. This joint effort between HemoCue Marketing, R&D, Clinical Experts, and Commercial Teams will feed into a full cycle of activities to develop initial product concepts and perform further market and customer validations. We benefit from standard tools and expertise within Danaher and among our sister companies – all of which will help us to get to meaningful conclusions faster.

We will expand this activity even further in the next several quarters with greater emphasis on delivering market and competitive insight. We will also seek opportunities to engage with Channel Partners and leverage their specific market and customer knowledge. Stay tuned for updates as we look for ways to feed this back into the field, including how you can get involved!

Global Marketing Calendar

We’re happy to present a new tool, the Global Marketing Calendar. The purpose of this calendar is to provide an overview of a selected number of marketing activities run by HemoCue, e.g. Social Media Schedule, Knowledge Sharing Webinars and our scientific newsletter “Knowledge in a Drop”. The Global Marketing Calendar is available at Hermes or by using this link. Knowledge Sharing Webinars and scientific mailings are available upon invitation/sign up only and if you have received this mail you are already on the receiver list. Shortly, there will be an invitation for this year’s first Knowledge Sharing webinar. During this meeting we will make a deep dive into a spring campaign and introduce our new colleague Gabriela Quiroga, Market Intelligence Manager.

If you know someone that would like to have access to these news feeds and/or tools, please forward this mail and ask them to sign up according to below.

Sign up using the button below and type ‘sign up’ in the subject field. In the body of the mail specify what you would like to sign up for: Marketing newsletter WHAT’S ON, Knowledge Sharing webinar and Knowledge in a Drop (scientific mailing).

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Accelerating Growth Together

Do you have an idea on how we continuously can accelerate growth and defend our business together by winning new customers, increasing our sales to current customers or by reducing loss? Normally such an idea means that we need to do something differently and improve the way we work together. Within HemoCue we embrace a culture of continuous improvements (DBS) and all it takes is a desire to reach a goal, knowledge on how to get there and skills to deliver the result. Since HemoCue is part of Danaher we have an opportunity to use best practice knowledge and skills to reach our targets. One example of a best practice tool and a key focus area for HemoCue during the upcoming year is Channel Partner Building – a tool to build a great partnership between us, HemoCue and you, our Commercial Partner. During 2022 we will focus on improving how we:

• Find new opportunities – How can we become better at exploring new opportunities together with you, our Commercial Partners in your market and become better at sharing our vision for the future?

• Create world class support – How can we support you as Commercial Partners in the very best way and make it “easy” to sell HemoCue?

• Stay top of mind – How can we continuously engage with you as Commercial Partners at different levels and with relevant stakeholders?

So, what would you like to improve? Do you have an idea? Please discuss with your Sales Contact or Manager and if you need support to improve the process then please contact Mattias Wik DBSL

New and Updated Marketing Material

NEW - above is a selection of marketing material that has been released 2022, below is a more comprehensive list. To find these assets please explore ATHENA or Extranet depending on your credentials. The article number is within brackets. The E-learnings are available on HemoCue Education Center.

There are several instruction videos available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel, below are just a few.

  • Operator Training for Glucose 201 DM RT, E learning (GPM819INT)

  • Six reasons to choose Point of care testing, Sheet (GPM806INT)

  • Virtual Sales Tool Playbook, including link to tool, Brochure (GPM804INT)

  • Classification and Causes of Anemia, Videos (GPM800INT and GPM801INT)

  • HemoCue WBC DIFF System Intro, PPT (GPM799INT)

  • Hb 301 Product training, E learning (GPM769INT)

  • Anemia Intervention, E learning (GPM757INT)

  • Playbook Hb 801 vs Diaspect (GPM784INT)

New Translations

  • HealthTrender Material in Spanish including Hb 801, Brochure (GPM416ES and GPM770ES)

  • Hb 301 instruction videos in French, (GPM725FR, GPM726FR and GPM727FR)

Updates - can include update of intended use, claims or general text. Make sure to compare the revision date in the article number so you always use the current approved version and stay compliant.

  • Mother and Child brochure (GPM604INT) now available as INT, IND and MEA

  • 201 DM Basic - E learning (GPM767INT)

  • HemoCue Company Presentation (GPM469INT)

  • WBC Product sheet, Sweden (GPM324SE)

  • WBC DIFF Scientific Summary (GPM437INT)

  • Hb 801 Product PPT end customer (GPM514INT)

  • Product sheet for HbA1c and Hb 801 in German (GPM269DE and GPM518DE)