Dear all,

Welcome to the second edition of the 2022 Global Marketing Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed the content of the first version and found it useful.

As stated in the first edition, our aspiration with the “WHAT’S ON” newsletter is to share information from Global Marketing including updates on campaigns, scientific material and webinars. The newsletter will also include perspectives on our product portfolio and on how we can drive growth via process improvements.

Beyond this newsletter and our knowledge-sharing webinars, we hope that our interactive calendar will also help keep you updated on campaigns, social media activities, etc.

I had the great opportunity to attend several virtual Channel Partner meetings as well as our US national sales meeting in the past weeks. It was great to meet many of you either virtually or F2F, and I look forward to the continued collaboration.

Enjoy reading and do reach out with input and feedback,

Monika Gram Ritter – March 2022

Grow and Defend Hb Commercial Program

In the last issue, we described three different commercial programs that will launch during 2022. One program focuses on Grow and Defend Hb and includes elements such as promotional campaigns, scientific newsletters, competitive positioning and online training for reps. In early March, we launched the campaign in Australia. It is a combo campaign for Hb & WBC DIFF targeting elderly care. This campaign includes both awareness and lead-generating SoMe posts and LinkedIn ads with corresponding landing pages. Very early analytic data points to a conversion rate of about 1% (benchmark is 0,4%) and some 70 unique visitors to our landing page. If you are interested in adapting and launching the campaign in your market, reach out to the global campaign support team at HemoCue by sending a mail to We look forward to hearing from you! It should be noted that it is also possible to adapt and run the campaign targeting elderly care with only the Hb products.

Scientific Mailings – Knowledge in a Drop

We hope you have received our scientific mailings, Knowledge in a Drop, that we distribute every third week. So far this year we have focused on anemia and our Hb portfolio. It is very nice to see that the first newsletter was sent to 115 subscribers and since then the number has grown to 257! Most subscribers are HemoCue employees within sales and marketing but almost 40% are channel partners. We will not settle for that but strive to increase the number of channel partners on this list. Opening rate of these mails is on average 41,3% and the most clicked article, “The Prevalence and Impact of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (Menorrhagia) in Elite and Non-Elite Athletes” was shared in January.

We will continue with “Knowledge in a Drop” thought out the year, adding new topics. We select topics based on how they fit into our commercial programs so we can support those in the best way. We also search weekly to stay updated. If something interesting and relevant is published, we try to fit it in as soon as possible. The articles are then co-produced by a product manager and Clinical Scientific affairs rep, who write the text before the MarCom team finalizes the format and distributes it. If you have a topic or article you think would be relevant, please submit to

We have received a number of requests to translate the newsletter and requests to distribute it to end customers. We are working on a version for end-customer distribution but since this is an area governed by laws and regulations, we need to make sure we set it up correctly. Until then, please do not share “Knowledge in a Drop” but feel free to verbally convey the content during customer meetings if relevant.

Channel Partner Meetings

Successful channel partner meetings were held virtually, for SEA and EMEA countries over two days. Thank you for the great engagement and participation. We had over 150 participants in total.

The meetings covered promotional programs, competitors and a demo of the Virtual Sales Tool, together with required product focus and related content for both anemia and diabetes. As part of an ambition to strengthen our position as a solution provider in anemia, a channel partner training was successfully conducted, covering anemia and the hemoglobin portfolio.
We continue to make progress with our never-ending work on building better market understanding and anemia project funnels. Concrete training is now planned covering Hb 301 and HealthTrender solution for the India organization, as well as a session covering Plasma/Low Hb. The presentations, tools and training mentioned here will be made available for everyone subscribing to this newsletter shortly, so stay tuned.

New and Updated Marketing Material

Above is a selection of marketing material that has been released during February and March 2022, below is a more comprehensive list. To find these assets, please explore ATHENA or Extranet depending on your credentials. The article number is in brackets. The E-learnings are available on HemoCue Education Center. The instruction videos are also available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel.

There are several instruction videos available on the HemoCue official YouTube channel, below are just a few.

  • Film WBC DIFF in elderly care (GPM902INT)

  • Summary of Publications Albumin (GPM904INT)

New Translations

  • Glucose 201 RT Instruction videos in French, German and Spanish

    o Set-up, GPM792FR, GPM792DE, GPM792ES

    o Measure, GPM794FR, GPM794DE, GPM794ES

    o Clean GPM793FR, GPM793DE, GPM793ES

  • Hb 201+ Instruction videos in French, German and Spanish

    o Set-up, GPM795FR, GPM795DE, GPM79ES

    o Measure, GPM797FR, GPM797DE, GPM797ES

    o Clean GPM796FR, GPM796DE, GPM796ES

  • Hb 301 Instruction videos in German and Spanish

    o Set-up, GPM725DE, GPM725ES

    o Measure, GPM727DE, GPM727ES

    o Clean, GPM726DE, GPM726ES

  • Hb 801 Instruction videos in German and Spanish

    o Set-up, GPM495DE, GPM495ES

    o Measure, GPM498DE, GPM498ES

    o Clean, GPM497DE, GPM497ES

  • HbA1c 501 Instruction videos in French and Spanish

    o Set-up, GPM728FR, GPM728ES

    o Measure, GPM730FR, GPM730ES

    o Clean, GPM729FR, GPM729ES

Updates - can include an update of intended use, claims or general text. Make sure to compare the revision date in the article number (GPMXXXINT YYMMDD) so you always use the current, approved version and stay compliant.

  • Anemia and aging Brochure (GPM131INT)