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A Quick Wellness Message from Mira... 
As the Spring season begins, we all tend to feel an interior and exterior sense of re-birth or re-emergence along with nature. With this in mind, I wanted to remind everyone about how important it is for your overall well-being to spend some intentional and mindful time connecting with the natural world. This E-Newsletter will focus on the importance of our personal relationship with nature (including our own mind-body connections) as a part of our total wellness, the incredibly beneficial impacts this relationship has on our whole Self (mind-body-spirit), and the methods, habits, practices, and rituals you can create or implement for your Self and your loved ones to integrate a health improving spiritual union with nature in your daily life. 
Understanding the Mind-Body Connection for Total Wellness
The Mind-Body Connection is an important concept to understand and integrate into your total health and wellness routine 🧘🧠✨. This concept is based in and appreciated by both scientific and spiritual practices and teachings in that the ideologies it promotes integrate concepts of psychology, spirituality or personal belief, and human biology to help you approach your total wellness by learning how to see the bigger picture of how you approach your whole Self . ☯️ 🩺

Most specifically the Mind-Body Connection is defined as the the idea or understanding that the causes, development and outcomes of a physical illness are determined, largely and often firstly, from the interaction of psychological, social, emotional and(or) biological factors.
This means that your emotional and mental health play a large role in your physical health. 

Emotional & Mental Health refer to...
  • Your overall psychological well-being
  • Your feelings about your Self
  • The quality of your relationships
  • Your ability to create and use coping skills
  • Your ability to process and properly engage with your feelings and emotions
When you understand and become aware of how connected your emotions, thoughts, and body are to each other - you start appreciating how vital a role things like Self talk, emotional stresses and perceived traumas are to your physical health and immunology🧬🦠. There is an old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” 🍏... turns out that Self-love, gratitude, and being mindful for a few minutes a day does too! 🫂✨
Improving your mind-body connection awareness through mental and emotional health rituals
1. Practice stress management techniques
Stress management techniques, including writing, participating in a hobby, using a creative outlet, volunteering or meditating, can help you focus on things that are happening in the here-and-now.
2. Practice ways of calming your body and mind
Relaxation methods (such as meditation or breathwork) are useful ways to bring your Self into a state of mental and emotional balance on a daily basis.
3. Invest time and energy into your Self

It’s important to schedule time for your Self, to do whatever you need to do to help your Self emotionally. What do you like doing? What are you passionate about? Become intentional about creating time for investing in all areas of your health: nutrition, fitness, relationships, work-life balance, and personal.

4. Develop your Mental & Emotional Resiliency

People with healthy levels of mental and emotional resiliency are able to cope with stress and emotions in a beneficial way. This sort of resiliency can be learned and strengthened with different strategies including -  having social support, keeping a positive view of your Self, learning how to accept and adapt with change, and keeping things in perspective with an open-mind.

Wellness Highlight: Mindfulness Exercise for Connecting to Your Self and Nature with Intentional Observance
Have you ever taken a moment to notice all the little “worlds” around you? Have you taken notice of the way that these worlds exist - both separately and symbiotically?

Have you thought about the life forms that inhabit and experience that world or the perspective they might have of the larger world we all inhabit? How do they experience and perceive our collective reality?

Mindfully approaching your environment by opening your Self up to all the “worlds” around you helps you create a deeper sense of wonder and appreciation of Self.

It roots you in the present moment and cultivates an awareness of all the potential ways you could be perceiving the world instead of only viewing things “your” way.

Every new perspective you allow your Self to experience during this mindfulness practice will help to generate new thought patterns and neural pathways that induce and promote healthy levels of improved neuroplasticity.
Need help learning how to connect with your Self and improve your ability to be more mindful and observant in your daily life? Visit to learn more about Guided Wellness Sessions with Mira. 
Podcasts & Guest Appearances

Knowledge Worth Sharing Podcast

Knowledge Worth Sharing is a podcast where host Yuvarajan Devandran shares about various fields, spanning from Vedanta principles, Spirituality, Samskrtam or Sanskrit, Kriya Yoga, motivational, self-help or anything which he finds interesting from his readings of various books. 
Visit: Knowledge Worth Sharing Season 2 - Interview with Mira Taylor ... to listen. 

Loco Listens Podcast - A Podcast where YOU can speak your TRUTH, and Loco will Listen! 

In this episode host Jake Loco and Guest Expert Mira Taylor have a discussion about the importance of ritual, re-framing belief systems, becoming aware of attachments - and above all else-  the importance of living YOUR truth and connecting with your own personal gnosis. 

THE WOO CAST - The Constant State of "Never Enough"

In today's episode, we dive into the root cause of why so many of us suffer from the "Never Enough" syndrome. "I'm not good enough, I don't have enough, etc..." Mira then guides us through a step-by-step process of figuring out how to become our truest self and discover our ultimate purpose in this lifetime.
Visit: The WOO CAST- Episode 67: The Constant State of "Never Enough": at Is Your Purpose to listen. 

Learning From The Natural World 

        Like most little children, when you were growing up you probably loved being in nature. You would run around in your backyard rolling around in the grass, picking up little critters, embracing the warm sun or staring in wonder at the moon and stars at night. Being in and with nature taught you to be curious and imaginative about the world around you. Remember how many hours you spent creating entire stories and worlds with your imagination when you interacted with nature as a child. This wonderful and magical relationship with nature most likely brought you a sense of overwhelming joy and love that was sensational and unique. CLICK HERE TO FINISH READING THE BLOG
"Nature is always talking to you if you are actually listening . . .
Not just with your ears, but with your eyes, heart, & soul."
The Lost Gospel of the Earth is a book written by political and ecological activist Tom Hayden that calls for renewing the spirit of nature in the realms of daily life through corporate and political structures. This book aims to reclaim and teach about the convergent ecological wisdom and understandings that are present in the roots of many forms of religious and spiritual practices (including but not limited to) Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Indigenous beliefs and traditions. Hayden stands behind and propounds the idea that if we want to heal the destructive divide that exists between the human spirit and the natural world, we must retrieve the "lost gospel of the Earth" by which people live in kinship with a sacred natural world. 
Book Excerpt: "But we divide grace from nature and spirit from matter at our peril. When we worship God above, the earth withers from neglect below. We develop a society where everything from human habits to politics and economics exploits the environment with callous indifference. Unless the nature of the State is harmonized with the state of Nature, our greed and ignorance will eventually take us beyond the capacity of the very ecosystems that support human existence." 
Plant Intelligence and Human Consciousness Panel

"Monica Gagliano has single-handedly pioneered the revolutionary new field of Plant Bioacoustics, which is providing the most powerful evidence to date that plants possess forms of cognition that could constitute “personhood.” Michael Pollan, who has studied the human-plant relationship in such classic bestselling works as The Botany of Desire, has now turned his attention in his new book How To Change Your Mind to what cutting-edge research on psychedelic substances (which are nearly all derived from or modeled on plant molecules) is revealing about human consciousness. These two brilliant visionaries engaged in a conversation hosted by J.P. Harpignies, Bioneers Senior Producer. Since 1990, Bioneers has acted as a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges.
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