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A Quick Wellness Message from Mira... 
Summer is here and many folks find themselves slowing down and adopting a new pace for the season. As you allow your Self to experience the more relaxed tone of summer with vacations, nice weather, and a more care-free attitude (hopefully) it's a good time to pause and ask your Self what changes most for you about how you are engaging with your sense of time and why you are allowing your Self to feel more at ease during the Summer season than during others months. What are some of the habits or behaviors that change for you as Summer rolls around that allow for this mindset? What are some of the ways you experience time (such as the longer sunlight hours/ days) that allow you to feel like you have more time on your hands? What are some of the cycles or patterns you associate with Summer that help you have a different emotional experience that feels lighter and easier than other months?  
Understanding & Utilzing Ritual for Your Personal Wellness
Whether or not we hold an awareness of the rituals we perform every day - humans are ritualistic by nature🕯✨

It seems to be something so akin to our way of existence that we often do it without even thinking about it or being constructively intentional in our use of it 📝🧘🧠💭

Like many other things in life, rituals are a form of wellness tool that can be used for Self benefit when you do so mindfully and with the purpose of creating a beneficial impact in your daily life/ routine.

But rituals can also become detrimental or Self harming when we are performing them mindlessly and aren’t present or honest enough with our Self to realize the side effects they may be having on us from a consciously responsible perspective…

The more we can approach our ritualistic nature from a place that is utilizing it properly for Self improvement and care - the more we are able to enjoy our day-to-day life! 🫂💟
Defining Ritual: A series of action(s) or behavior(s) regularly and(or) invariably performed by someone - commonly accompanied by a personally accepted or created belief system (conscious or subconscious) that the action(s) or behavior(s) have an essential role in one's life.
We all have rituals we practice every single day without a real conscious awareness or understanding of them as “ritual”.

This includes things such as our regular morning “wake-up” routine and other daily personal habits we perform.
Examples of Creating Rituals for Personal Benefit
Whether it’s a dream journal, a gratitude journal or just a place where you express your Self freely and creatively on a regular basis - journaling is a great way to establish personal ritual that promotes better mental wellness
Creating and using affirmations in a ritualistic way can help with all sorts of things in life! You can use them to cultivate a positive sense of Self worth, help you achieve your goals, keep your Self tuned into your personal sense of “purpose“ and to establish healthier internal dialogues and thought patterns.
Creating a sense of ritual around physical exercise can help you establish a routine that feels effective, positive and “easy”. It’s important to approach this ritual realistically and keep in mind exercises you can do that don’t require anything but your Self - such as going a walk, doing dynamic stretches or dancing!
Making the daily time (even 5 minutes!) to be completely still and “alone” with your thoughts and your Self in your own mind is an extremely beneficial ritual to establish. Studies show that this sort of ritual can greatly reduce mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) while creating better mental resiliency.
Creating and implementing a ritualistic morning routine that feels intentional and consciously establishes a beneficial mindset for the day is hugely important - it literally “sets the tone” for the day! Just the same, our evening routine plays a critical role in our ability to fully relax, get a good night's rest and give our mind the time it needs to decompress on a daily basis.
Mindfully establishing rituals that you “start “and “end” your work day with will help you to create clear and healthy mental boundaries that allow you to leave work at work and be more present and engaged during your free/ personal time.
Self Guided Questions for Identifying Existing Rituals 
Take a few moments and think about/ identify some of the daily “rituals” or actions, habits, and behaviors you perform....

Have you been approaching them intentionally or mindlessly?

How does each of them make you feel?

What effects do they have on your mind-body-spirit wellness?


Are there any behaviors or habits that you were previously unaware of that you want to change now?

What form of a healthy ritual could you replace them with?

Need help learning how to connect with your Self and improve your ability to be more mindful and observant in your daily life? Visit to learn more about Guided Wellness Sessions with Mira. 
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