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A Quick Wellness Message from Mira... 
I wanted to open this newsletter with a brief reminder to each of my clients and followers to connect with the divine nature and origin of the concept of "interaction" - or why we live in an interactive reality. From my own inner work and through working with others I have found that we are all too often overly concerned with defining the quality or enjoyment level of our interactions and that in doing so we can miss the deeper intent of the interaction entirely. The truth is that every interaction has benefits for us should we give the time within our minds to make space and openness toward an awareness of that benefit. On the most uncomplicated level, this is about understanding that whenever Souls and vital life force energies connect and interact with one another, no matter how briefly, something new is created. Within these moments of unconscious conception, we often find a deep and divinely inspired part of not only our own Self but the part of our Self that we share with others and that others share of themselves in return. What matters most is how open our hearts and minds are to these energies along with the willingness we have to more consciously allow such subconscious interactions to occur. The more we accept that life is happening "for us" (not "to us") the easier this becomes. 

The "space" in between each of us is full of so much potential. The allowance of this potential, and the appreciation of the deeper aim and intent of interaction between individual energies and beings, is that part of our Self that can metaphorically turn lead into gold. In our individual interpretation and internal transmutation of each interaction and connection in this way, we make space for the divine being inside of us to breathe, express, and share with the world in a way that is genuinely co-creative.  I hope that you are able to co-create those connections, and experience moments that are beautiful, empowering, joyful, supportive, compassionate, inspiring, nurturing, generative, hopeful, and loving. All the best, Mira
Working With Zen Kōans: Irrationality for Healing
A Kōan is a riddle or puzzle that can be used during meditation to help you unravel greater truths about the world and about yourself. It does this by the use of paradoxes which induce what is referred to as “the great doubt”. The purpose of the paradox and inducement of the “great doubt” is to challenge you to tease out your own meaning. The Kōan's greatest wisdom comes when you realize it is actually meant to be understood by the part of the mind which is the Spirit and your intuition instead of the part of the mind that is purely based in conscious reasoning. 
Terminology for Improved Emotional Awareness
There are many people who might equate being “indifferent” and being “impartial” as words that mean basically the same thing …. but from the standpoint of the psychological process …. they are actually closer antonyms than they are being synonymous.

Why does it matter? Words help us understand our emotions more deeply and also help us define and, therefore, experience the world around us in way that allows to learn and grow. This is why it’s also important to be able to update your emotional vocabulary in ways that allow for more Self awareness 🧠💭✨

The main differences between indifference and impartiality has to do with 1) the presence of emotions in response to exterior stimuli or the emotions of others - lack of emotional awareness or intelligence & 2) the way that we appreciate or approach handling and responding (or not responding) to those emotions exteriorly through our thoughts, words and actions.

Someone who is indifferent has lost or never held a sense of emotional intelligence that allows them to be a healthy part of ANY relationship (including their own relationship with themselves). Often times a state of indifference has been associated with very real psychological syndromes and disorders such as sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder.

Someone who has development the emotional intelligence to be impartial, on the other hand, is able to not only be Self observant of their own emotions in an open-minded honest and fair way but is also able to observe and have compassion for the emotions of others without feeling biased or swayed unfairly by the emotions.

Indifference also takes less work - it’s the quality or behavior trait of a disconnection from Self in a way that disengages connection with others as well.

Impartiality is developed over time and takes a decent amount of fortitude, strength, mental residency, genuine commitment and interest in the ability to observe, understand and process emotions in a way that best serves one’s self and others.
Defining Steps: The Self Integration & Actualization Process
There are multiple steps and stages that each of us take in the journey “home” - back to our purest SELF.





Understanding these stages in parts helps you keep a sense of progress and appreciation for the work you have done along the way 🙏🧘💭✨ The more gratitude you can hold for all the versions and parts of your Self that have existed along the journey - the more you move toward living and breathing in the concept of an unconditional and compassionate kind of love - toward your Self and the rest of creation.
Awareness is the foundation for healing and a necessary first step in your Journey. It is literally defined as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.” This step is all about being present enough to hear and understand your current state of Self-talk and the level of conscious responsibility you have (or don’t have) over your thoughts, actions and reactions.
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." - Carl Rogers 
The acceptance stage is all about seeing the full truth of who you are, removing the “mask” of your ego, and seeing the parts of your Self which you have rejected or denied up until this point in your life. 
The implementation stage is centered around using a combination of your newly established present awareness and acceptance of Self to consciously approach changing any existing unhealthy/Self-harming habits, behaviors, beliefs, definitions, accepted narratives, and “Self-talk”. 

During this stage you will likely begin to prefer spending time alone with your Self as you notice and appreciate the rewards of giving your energy toward evolving and returning to the “core” or root of who you are and aspire to be. Many start to feel a real sense of “purpose for being” in this stage.
The integration stage is where all of the tools and changes you have been implementing and practicing become more “automatic“. Your conscious engagement of Self starts to integrate into your subconscious in such a way that you no longer have to make an active effort to be your most authentic Self the majority of the time. 

When you are living in the present as your fully integrated Self - all of the things that are for you move naturally toward you and all of the things that “aren’t” for you naturally fall away. The effort to just “be“ you becomes minimal. It feels like a genuine form of freedom that you get to constantly exist and grow in.
Self Guided Questions for Self Awareness
Do you have a present awareness of the internal dialogue you have about your Self? 🧠💭❔

Have you ever really paid attention to the things you say and think about “you”? - About your daily environments, such as your own home? 🏡🧘

Are the things you are saying and thinking about the two places you live and spend the majority of your time in things you would ever say to a friend or family member? If not - you don’t deserve to say or think them to your Self either!

The way we talk to and think about our Self and the relationship we create for our Self to our environment shapes a large portion of our mindset and mental well-being throughout the day.

By implementing these two simple practices for establishing a present awareness of your inner dialogue - you will begin to hear how “kind” or “un-kind” you are being to your Self.

Do you feel like you need guidance on changing your internal narratives toward a more Self loving frame of mind? 🫂🧠💭✨? Visit to learn more about Guided Wellness Sessions with Mira. 
Podcasts & Guest Appearances

The Mystic Dissident Podcast  "Integrative Therapist Mira Taylor joins me to discuss the significance of “I am that I am”. Mira covers the roles of the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, the ego, and taking conscious responsibility of your reality."
Visit: #8 - Gnostic Wellness with Mira Taylor | Mystic Dissident ( to listen. 

The Self Health Podcast • by Sinead Kelly
"Listen to my interview with Mira Taylor (Moon and Rune) based in North Virginia. As she grew into an adult she lost her sense of intuition instead living a life of conformity as most of us do. The pandemic highlighted this for her and now sees how essential her journey back to intuition has been."
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