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As summer comes to an end and autumn begins we start to feel the energies shift along with the changing of the seasons. During this time it's important to make time to appreciate the changes that are occurring for us as a type of internal "season". Just as every season in nature brings changes in mood, weather, the elements, and the "face" of nature; we also often have these sorts of changes occur at an internal and more personal level within our Self (mind-body-spirit). What are some of the areas of your life that change most from summer to autumn? What happens to things like your daily schedule and the sense you have of your relationship with time as this change occurs? What habits, rituals, or practices can you be intentional and faithful about making time for during this season to ensure you are at your best and feeling balanced and healthy? Remember: Stress and feeling emotionally unbalanced are the biggest roots of 'dis-ease' in the body and play a major role in how effective and responsive our immune system is at fending off potential illness as we move into the autumn season. 
Spirituality Highlight: Understanding The Seasons of Life
Learning about and appreciating some of the more eastern understandings of spirituality and life philosophy ( such as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and the I Ching; The Book of Changes) can help us to have a deeper connection with ourselves through nature and creation by the associations and understandings of what things such as the elements and the seasons represent at an archetypal level. The chart below showcases the basic archetypal correlations and correspondences of the seasons and the natural spaces they occupy and embody which can hold influence over our life. As you can see from the chart we (in the western hemisphere) are moving from the fire season of summer into the water season of autumn. Autumn is associated with water as it reminds us of the fluidity of life and the importance of our potential to allow for deeper healing by our ability to more fluidly accept and express emotions. 

Self-Guided Questions: What connections do you make at a more intuitive level from working with this chart? How does it help you see some of the cycles and seasons of your life that also help you better understand and appreciate the seasons of your states of being?  How does the autumn season usually feel for you?
"Many people are hijacked by the rigidity of their minds. Thinking in categories and fixed ideas can be a great crutch for survival, as it creates clarity in a chaotic universe. But thinking too rigidly also has its consequences. Seeing the world in categories and separate boxes limits our perception, so we become stuck in our ideas of how things are, or are supposed to be..."
Science & Spirituality: Rituals for Improving Neuroplasticity
The level of neuroplasticity we have defines how “flexible” or “inflexible” our mind can be and also plays an important role in things such as our mental resiliency - how well we are able to handle (or not handle) the stresses of daily life 🗣😵‍💫. Having daily rituals and practices that are spiritually centered and intended for our cognitive development and emotional and mental observation allow for us to develop better levels of neuroplasticity and increase our mental resiliency, abilities to emotionally regulate and how well we are able to remain present with our Self.  
Creating & Maintaining a Spiritual Perspective
Being intentional about developing a spiritual perceptive of your Self and life is an extremely beneficial way to provide your Self with a deeper and more sustainable sense of mental, physical, and emotional wellness. When we allow our more spiritual nature to be the compass of our thoughts, perspectives, and actions in life it becomes easier to engage in our experience in a more present way.

What are some parts of your life that you could build a more spiritual perspective of? Examples: Your work and job/ place of employment, how you approach and think about your physical wellness (such as diet and exercise), how you think about relationships and what they provide or don’t provide for you, or even simply the way you think about and view your Self 🫂✨
Do you feel like you need guidance on changing your internal narratives toward a more Self loving frame of mind? 🫂🧠💭✨? Visit to learn more about Guided Wellness Sessions with Mira. 
Podcasts & Guest Appearances

The Like Attracts Like Podcast  w/ Pat Mahan
"Join me inside of today's very special podcast! We talk with Alternative and Holistic healer Mira Taylor! I  met Mira through a mutual friend Brandon Thomas (one of the most amazing humans on this space rock:) We had the pleasure of being inside a highly conscious panel that was organized to really allow a positive shift in consciousness for everyone on the panel, and of course anyone who took the time to listen."

Visit: The Like Attracts Like Podcast: Special Guest: Mira Taylor | The Power Of Conscious And Emotional Communication With Source on Apple Podcasts to listen. 

The Yoga Connection Podcast  w/ Yogi Zorananda
"Thank you for tuning into the Renegade Yogi Podcast Experience. Today I sit down with Mira Taylor to discuss the work involved in being a spiritual practitioner. Mira is an Integrative Therapy Spiritual and Wellness Practitioner. Mira helps her clients understand the work involved in being a spiritual practitioner, and applies supportive affirmation and other modalities to help facilitate any healing needed to overcome the obstacles on the path of spirituality."

Visit: Mira Taylor: The Tangible Work - Examining the fear of Spirituality - Yoga Connection With Zorananda | Podcast on Spotify to listen. 

MIRA'S LATEST ARTICLE: The Qualities of Spiritually Aware Leadership

Excerpt: “In all spiritual evolutions throughout human history there have been divinely inspired leaders who have answered a higher calling which they understood and intuited from within themselves. The truth is that every leader in the business world has this sacred gift innately available to them to hone. This is achieved by accepting the call to action of a spiritual centered purpose in their life and, especially, through their business endeavors…”... CLICK HERE TO READ


Business Alchemy: Exploring The Inner Unseen Dynamics of Business
In this enlightening and engaging book, Andrew Wallas views the company from a metaphysical perspective to provide a new approach to transforming the organization. Business Alchemy focuses on the inner dynamics and energy flow within the organization itself, seeing where there is visible and hidden contradiction working against the aims of the company. 

Book Review: "Business Alchemy takes a radical new approach to transforming business. It is not formulaic and does not follow a predetermined path. It is concerned with identifying the hidden aspects of a business that block performance, as well as illustrating how to access infinite possibility and potential."

 How to Sharpen Your Intuition:
Rabbi Simon Jacobson at Meaningful Life Center

What is intuition? Is it cognitive or emotional? Based on intelligence or instinct? Where do your gut feelings and instincts come from? Can you trust them? Can you hone and improve your intuition, or are some of us just wired with more intuition than others? Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Purim workshop as he probes the inner workings of human intuition and the deeper recesses of the psyche. 

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