What are your summer pursuits?

Hello all!
For many of you, this is the first newsletter you've gotten from me - your badges were scanned at BookCon, which added you to this list. Welcome! I promise I don't send updates too often, nor do I share your address, so you won't be spammed. :) 

My July so far has been calmer than the NYC trip, which is a welcome change. But fun things are happening nonetheless.

There is writing news, of course - that's below - but I'm branching out a bit in my other interests too. I'm currently looking into taking classes to learn more about horticulture, with the thought of perhaps turning it into a side career. This is partly because I've always loved gardens and other green spaces (you can find adoration of flowers and plants in nearly every book of mine), but also because the dire news about climate change has been alarming me, as perhaps it has for you too. "Why isn't everyone turning their efforts toward doing something about this?", I kept wondering. Then I realized I was part of "everyone," so I figured it was time I started learning more about the environment, with the end game of helping boost sustainability in people's use of plants.

Every little garden helps (ask any hungry bee or butterfly), so consider what small steps you could take too! Also, be kind to your fellow living things, including opossums (but maybe not ticks):

Now on to the entertainment side of things!

Guest post: books I've loved through the ages

My lifetime book loves

The website Frolic invited me to write an article about the books I've loved from childhood through adulthood. Come read about some of my favorites. Are any of your most cherished books on this list?

Film adaptation??

All the Better Part of Me is now less than two months from its official release, and it's already getting noticed - not only by you lovely people at BookCon, but by at least one film production company! I'll keep names out of it for now, but this company has produced TV shows and films you have definitely heard of and liked, and they are evaluating my book for a possible future on the screen. Naturally this is a VERY flattering email to get, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but it's still a long shot. Many, many worthy books are considered for adaptation every year, and it's rare for any of them to make it through all eighty-seven steps (or however many it is) that must be taken before a book actually becomes a film. Needless to say, I will let you know if this moves forward in any way!

Meanwhile enjoy your summer - I hope it's full of books, flowers, and good news.


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