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More than Pieces - What Are We Building?
This won't be going on Facebook. You signed up to hear what's going on with Resonate150 so here's some updates that are only for those who care enough to open the emails...

This morning we helped our son build with one of the world's greatest toys...but it's not easy! This seemingly random handful of Legos is a perfect picture of our lives right now: we look at the instruction booklet that society gives us but we don't have all the right pieces - and we have pieces that came from somewhere else and don't fit at all...or so we think.

What if we have pieces that someone else could use? What if there's other people in the world who have pieces we never knew about that improve our designs? - because no one has a "complete set" right!?...What if our creations aren't in the instruction books?
Over the past few years we've started learning that we have things to share, and that we're not complete or satisfied just building stuff from the booklets.

The hard part is when creative vision requires us to disassemble the copycat things we've built in order to use the pieces for something new. Suddenly we need a wheel from the 500-piece semi to build a one-of-a-kind motorhome...but both cannot be complete at once and for a time neither are very appealing to look at!

...and this is where we find ourselves a quarter through 2019: taking our lives apart a little at a time in order to build something new. Don't expect it to look polished, and it certainly won't look "safe and secure" - but being right where we're called to be is the safest place in the world if God is with us! Make sure we're not in your spam folder and you'll enjoy the journey with us!

A Day Redefined

March 19 last year was awful - we lost Sarah's Dad. This year it was turned to bittersweet joy when we were invited to record a song with our friends...using the instrument Sarah's Dad helped her get at auction a few years ago. She'll share a blog soon with more on this!

A Lifestyle Realigned

Too many crazy coincidences have happened for us to doubt that music is what God made us for. Our goal is to play and record music that invites lonely souls out of isolation, to remember the good and inspiring, and to entice hearts to live a life of hope and passion even in the midst of struggle.

Who do you know that could use music like this? We have a heart for live performing and want to fill our calendar with chances to make someone's day better. Hit "reply" and let us know where you think we'd be a great fit for a concert! (PS - we LOVE road trips!)

...while this email was being written a creation was made
from those random Lego pieces. Hard work, imagination, and a few
meltdowns were involved. Expect to see a similar process with us :)

Love is an action and we're taking it!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us in the infancy of our journey - time to stop crawling and start walking!
~ Doug & Sarah Haag / Resonate150
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