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Ukraine's Sunflower Becomes Symbol of Solidarity Amid War
by Jessica Hassan of The Washington Post
Image via Unsplash

The sunflower has long held a meaningful place in the hearts of many Ukrainians as the national flower. But since Russia invaded their country last week, the plant has become a global symbol of resistance, unity and hope.

In recent days, people around the world have been adding bright yellow sunflower emoji to their social media profiles and wearing sunflowers in their hair and on their clothing. Some are planting seeds so more sunflowers can grow.

In a video that recently went viral, a Ukrainian woman was heard telling armed Russian soldiers on Ukrainian soil, “Take these seeds so sunflowers grow here when you die,” BBC News reported.

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The Easiest Ways to Help Ukraine Right Now
from Anne Marie Conestabile of United Work and Travel
1. Donate money to trusted organizations:
  * United Help Ukraine (highly recommended)
  * Come Back Alive 
  * RazomForUkraine 
  * Nova Ukraine 
  * Direct support to Ukraine’s Armed Forces 

2. Sign petitions:
  * EU: Block Russia from Swift 
  * EU: NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine 

3. Attend support rallies:
List of events worldwide -

4. Finally, share this list within your network (social media, email, text, etc.)
The Beauty of Ukraine's Beaches
During times of war and tension such as now, our feeds are often flooded with images of violence and destruction. These are necessary to show those outside of the targeted location just how bad the conditions are, but they can also be extremely successful at painting these locations like Ukraine as permanent war zones. However, even amid of that destruction, Ukraine is a beautiful country with stunning beaches just like those we're so familiar with in the DE/MD area. Take a look at some of these beaches above and use them as a way to bring some humanity to your vision of Ukraine.
Fundraiser: Providing Aid to Those in Ukraine
from CNN and Public Good
Image via CNN

Amid the harrowing accounts of tragedy in Ukraine, CNN's audience has contributed more than $4.1 million to the humanitarian relief work according to Public Good, the online donation platform partnering with CNN. The help is desperately needed and greatly appreciated as aid groups scramble to care for millions of displaced Ukrainians.

Food and other supplies inside Ukraine are becoming increasingly scarce, and civilians continue to pour over borders seeking safety. Organizations are on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries to help with shelter, food, water and other needs.

You can find out how to help here or by clicking on the button below.

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How Pets Are Helping Ukrainians Cope With War
by Fernando Alfonso III of NPR
Image by Christopher Furlong

Stuffed in the back of the Nissan as he fled his hometown of Kharkiv, Ukraine, were two of Jake's most prized possessions: his Nintendo Switch and Puzo, his pet pug.

Jake, 31, is among scores of displaced Ukrainians who have refused to leave their animals behind due to the immense comfort and familiarity they've provided during a time of unprecedented turmoil caused by Russia.

"Every day, after the bombings would stop, I would get up and go to the room where [Puzo] was hiding and rub him. It was soothing," Jake, who asked for his last name to be withheld out of fear for his family, told NPR over Google Meet. "He would be snoring all the time and it would remind me of the peaceful times."

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OC Jolly Roger Ferris Wheel in Ukrainian Flag Colors
Photo by David Rhoten
How to Help People in Ukraine Through #CookForUkraine
by Jessica Quinn of Bon Appetit
Illustration by Arsh Raziuddin

This past week, after the entire world watched as Putin invaded Ukraine, the hashtag #cookforukraine began trending on Instagram. The movement—in which chefs seek to raise both awareness of Ukrainian cuisine and money for various aid organizations—was started by London-based chefs and authors Olia Hercules and Alissa Timoshkina, two people Trina and I greatly respect and admire for their thoughtful and comprehensive support of Ukrainian and Russian culture and cuisine. We’ve since seen many fundraisers popping up all across the world, selling cheesecakes, hosting piroshki pop-ups, teaching virtual varenyky cooking classes, and donating millions of dollars to vital organizations such as Razom, World Central Kitchen, and UNICEF UK.

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Chef Jose Andres Feeding Refugees At Poland-Ukrainian Border
from TODAY
Image via Bloomberg
When disaster strikes, celebrity chef Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen spring into action, quickly mobilizing to bring fresh food to those in need in just days. Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Andres and his team are on the ground and is providing hot meals for families who are fleeing their homes in search of safety.
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Indian River Inlet Bridge Shines as a Bridge of Unity
Photo by T.J. Young of the Coastal Point
This photograph has been donated to the fundraiser taking place on April 25th. See the flyer below for more information.
Click the image above to check out a video from PassItOn featuring Imagine Dragons’ “Love”. It's a powerful reminder that we really are one people. And it is LOVE that truly brings us together. You will appreciate this remarkable song with a timely message. Love... Pass It On.
Warren Rosenfeld - Local Statement
"It’s Friday after sunset, so, Shabbat Shalom! Everything in life goes in cycles — peace/war, sadness/happiness, price hikes/price stability, and so on. When I moved full time to Ocean Pines 15 years ago, gas was $4.03 a gallon. Shale and ethanol eventually caused it to deflate down to $2.10. The pandemic supply issues and a war now caused it to spike again to $4. It will go down again, have some patience. The more important issue is that the vast majority of the world had grown so accustomed to peace, that this Russian invasion seems so unreal, so unwise, and just so tragic. Peace will come again, and hopefully stay for even a longer period of time. Hopefully it comes soon. It’s incredible to think that one lunatic can cause so much death and destruction, all by himself. Let’s appreciate our relative peace, while we pray for Ukraine. Shabbat Shalom everyone. May kindness find you often."
Warren Rosenfeld was a Washington, D.C. attorney, technology CEO, and real estate developer for 32 years before retiring in 2012 at the age of 57. Despite moving to the beach, he found himself bored within six weeks of retirement. To keep himself busy, Rosenfeld started planning to open a Jewish deli at the shore, which came to life in Ocean City, MD in 2013 as Rosenfeld Jewish Deli. He grew up in the restaurant business and missed it, so this was familiar territory. Nine years later, he's preparing to open his fifth location. Rosenfeld enjoys creating and growing businesses of all kinds and describes it as his passion, second to his family.
Ron MacArthur
Featured Photographer
While these are images of local sunflowers to the Lewes and Milton, Delaware area, let them be an at-home reminder of the symbol that these beautiful flowers have taken on in recent weeks.
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Upcoming Fundraiser
"Desprate times bring out the best and worst of us, but, in my experience, the best tends to outweigh the worst if it's strong enough. The events in Ukraine are heartbreaking and I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be on the ground or fleeing your home. What I can imagine is how far something like providing a warm meal and shelter for refugee families and families remaining in Ukraine must go. It's not often that I feel a lot of hope for humanity based on recent years, but watching us come together to support innocent citizens makes me beam with pride for what I know is possible."
Martina Rexrode, Editor
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