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I kept writing and rewriting this month’s letter. As I went back and forth on what I wanted to talk about most before we end the year… it finally hit me: Eff Flaws. 


As we start to wind down and hopefully claim some time to ourselves to relax into our thoughts and set intentions for the new year, I wish for each of us to do so from a place of contentment rather than lack. 


December Mantra: 


I am showing love for myself by knowing that who I am and where I am in my life right now is enough. 

This time of year brings so much pressure. We are constantly being marketed and sold things that tell us we are not enough. Most things are sold to us based on making us feel insecure. 


“Your lips aren’t big enough, buy this lipstick.”


“You’re not skinny enough, buy this pill to speed up your metabolism”


“Your kids aren’t happy enough, buy them these toys and be supermom”


Honestly, it’s bullshit.  


There is no one way that any of us are supposed to look. There is no size that is the right size. And being able to afford presents for your children does not make you a better or worse parent.

Children remember the love they were given not the presents they were given. 


As we wind down this decade, let’s do it from a place of enough-ness.

Who you are is enough.

What you have is enough.

It takes the same amount of time and energy to beat up on ourselves as it takes so soothe and comfort ourselves.

I know that we cannot control the thoughts of not enough-ness that pop up in our minds but we can decide what to do with those thoughts.

Don’t invest in them. 

Not everything we think is true. When negative self-talk comes up, respond with compassion for yourself. Stand up for yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are loveable.

Life is tough and you are doing just fine. 


Don’t let the influences of the outside world and the conditioning that comes from a lifetime of advertisements and commercials selling us standards of beauty or perfect living that don’t actually exist make you feel like you are not enough.

You are. 


I love you and I hope you are finding some time this December to not only cozy up with friends and family (chosen or biological) but also taking some time to love up on yourself. To spend some real time with yourself. 

You deserve it. 





When I finished writing this I was reminded of a poem from Heart Talk called “It’s all beautiful” and wanted to share it with you:


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