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Loves Ones, 

The word “intention” gets brought up a lot at the beginning of the year. 

For this month’s love note, I want to talk about defining what it means to really live with intention. 

I think sometimes we confuse intention-setting with goal-setting. 


They are not the same.

Goals are what we want. Intention is why we want what we want.  


The reason intention is so important is because if you don’t know your why, you will never find real fulfilment in whatever it is you are going after. 


This month, ask yourself what you want and why you want it.



January Mantra:

I am loving myself by investigating not only what I want in my life but why I want it

When you live with intention, you know what motivates you.

When you are clear on what your intentions are, you understand what guides your decision-making and desires. 

This inner compass is critical to living a life that is big and meaningful and purposeful. 


As I wrote in Heart Talk
“We can often find ourselves where we don’t want to be because our goals or sense of self have gotten hijacked by fear-based opportunity seeking, pressures from others, or our own insecurities.” 


That said, when we take the time to investigate why we feel called to certain things and tap into the source of our ambitions- we are so much better able to move along our path with confidence, steadiness, and dedication. 

As always, I love you,

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