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Before we jump into the August mantra of the month, I just want to say a huge thank you to anyone who sent me kind words or pre-ordered my new book, WHERE TO BEGIN. It was truly a labor of love to write this book. As the world kept feeling like it was getting crazier and crazier, I felt called to write something we could use as a space to find a sense of calm and relief. 

The book tour starts in October and I promise you will be the first to get a link to tix.  I love you so much! If you haven’t preordered Where to Begin you can do so

August's Mantra:

I am showing love for myself by letting it out (all of it) so I can let it go.

A friend of mine called me last week to tell me that her ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend.  I asked her how it made her feel and as she spoke I noticed that all of her language was pretty tough and incredibly rational.  
She said things like “I know he is not the one for me, and I don’t want to be in a relationship with him.”  Two things that are very true (if I’m being honest- this guy is the worst).

She went on to say “I don’t even care so I can’t understand why it bothers me.”  We talked about how if she truly didn’t care, she probably wouldn’t need to talk about it with me. I told her that usually when I find myself having a hard time getting over something, it is because there are a handful of feelings within me that I am refusing to admit to myself about it. 


Too often there are things we feel that we can’t bear to say to ourselves, let alone speak out loud, because they scare us or make us feel small. 


We bury many of our feelings because we are so damn judgmental of them - especially ones like jealousy or insecurity. But there is nothing wrong with feeling jealous or insecure - it is actually extremely normal and there is not a single person in the world who is exempt from them. These types of feelings are only problematic when we allow them to be what fuels our actions.  


Do not let what you are unwilling to admit to yourself keep you anchored to the past -especially to a past relationship that you are most likely no longer in for a very good reason.  

When my friend finally could admit that she felt jealous and annoyed that a not great guy could so quickly find a beautiful woman to be in a relationship with, she was almost instantly ready to let it go. 


Speaking the truth, the whole truth, freed her. And reminded her that feelings come and they go unless we choose to trap them in our minds and in our hearts.


What within you is going unacknowledged? 


What does it look like to treat yourself like your own confessional? 


What does it feel like to close your eyes and confess every single feeling you are having about something? 


What does it look like to be unafraid to let it out - to say it out loud, remembering that you are human and there are no wrong or right emotions? They just are what they are. 


Let it out (all of it) and let it go.


I love you




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