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Show tonight no later than 6PM. Meeting Starts at 7!

Tonight, we take back our County Party.  Vision, Integrity, and a Red Wave for 2022!

Spring Valley High School
3750 S Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV
Doors at 6

Dear Fellow Republicans, 

Tonight is the main event!  I wanted to take a few minutes to instruct you all with what to expect and how to prepare.  

First, Remember to stay calm and gather peaceably. 

Second, make sure to bring water and snacks.  We are asking that you plan to stay until the very end.  

Third, If you are already a voting member, make sure to reference the email from Chairman McDonald that contains your name on the certified roster list if you are told you are not a member.  If they tell you this, be calm and go to the coordinator in the guest area so they can take your name and provide it to our team that will fight to restore you to the voting rolls. 
If you just signed up and are expecting to be made a member, bring your application proof if you have it and your Republican Registration.  This can be found at You will be directed to a guest area.  

Fourth, there will be a coordinator or team of them in the guest area.

Fifth, the latest time for entry will be 7PM.  Show by 6 where possible. 

Sixth, make sure to document as much as you can on social media: videos, photos, etc.  We want to show we are there and peacefully gathering.  

Seventh, let's have fun.  Smile.  This is all about restoring our Freedoms and beating the Democrats.  

I appreciate the faith, love, and support that all of you have expressed while we have come together to create a purposeful and unified organization.  We are at the finish line.  I will see you tonight, and make sure to come say hello when you see me.  I will be the guy in the suit.

Spring Valley High School
3750 S Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV
Doors at 6

Jesse Law
Candidate for Chairman CCRP

Copyright © 2021 Chairman Jesse Law, All rights reserved.

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