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Since 1975 the Mid FL ROC has been presenting 6 monthly educational programs each year of value to cooperatives, condominiums, and HOAs manufactured homes. Mid FL ROC is widely known for first class topical programs presented by speakers who are well known and respected throughout Florida.
Happy Birthday America!

US History trivia questions

1. What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe as a place for British citizens who were in debtors’ prisons?

a. Pennsylvania

b. Virginia

c. Georgia

d. Maryland

2. Which famous play depicts the Salem Witch Trials?
‍a. Trouble in Salem

b. The Crucible

c. Witches on Trial

d. The Devil in Salem

3. Who founded the city of Philadelphia, also known as the “city of brotherly love”?

a. William Philadelphia

b. James I

c. Sir Walter Raleigh

d. William Penn

‍4. Which famous explorer landed near the present-day city of St. Augustine, Florida in 1513?

a. Christopher Columbus

b. John Cabot

c. John Smith 

d. Juan Ponce de León 

5. In December 1773, the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and threw 342 chests of what into the Boston Harbor to protest taxes? 

a. Tobacco 

b. Gin 

c. Cash 

d. Tea

6. On what holiday did George Washington famously cross the icy Delaware River to New Jersey to surprise the enemy forces? 

a. Christmas 

b. Halloween 

c. Thanksgiving 

d. The 4th of July

7. Which side was referred to as the Redcoats during the American Revolutionary War? 

a. The British 

b. The Colonists 

c. The Spanish 

d. The French

8. What was the name of the Native American woman who met the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and became the translator for their famous voyage across the United States?

a. Pocahontas 

b. Little Feather 

c. Sacagawea 

d. Pine Leaf

9. Which famous document, signed by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, declared that “All persons held as slaves within any State…in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free…”?
‍a. The Declaration of Independence

b. The Constitution

c. The Emancipation Proclamation

d. The Declaration of Rights and Sentiments

10. Who was the famous nurse during the Civil War, nicknamed the “Angel of the Battlefields.” After the Civil War, she founded the Red Cross. 

a. Mary Todd Lincoln 

b. Virginia Lee 

c. Clara Barton 

d. Harriet Beecher Stowe

11. Who served as the President of the Confederate States of America throughout the Civil War?

a. Abraham Lincoln 

b. Jefferson Davis 

c. Robert E. Lee 

d. Stonewall Jackson

12. Who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, in Washington, D.C.? 

a. Robert E. Lee 

b. John Jones 

c. John Wilkes Booth 

d. Lee Harvey Oswald

Meeting Dates Set for 2022-2023
(subject to slight changes)
Thanks to the Host communities!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Harbor Oaks Cooperative
Program: Q&A with Clayton & McCullough and Betsy Barbieux/Florida CAM Schools

Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Molokai Co-Op
Program: Making Medicare Easy

December - No Meeting 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Hawthorne Residential Cooperative
Program: Insurance/Andy Saunders from Lee Reed Insurance

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Country Club Manor Co-Op
Program: Sheriff's Department

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Brittany Estates Resident Owned Co-Op
Program: Director Certification/Clayton & McCullough

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Bonfire Mobile Village
Program: Q&A with Betsy Barbieux, Florida CAM Schools
Your Board of Directors has Reinstated Dues for 2023
(No Change in Membership Categories or Dues)
$ 25.00 - Community Associations Members
$ 25.00 - Commercial Members
$ 25.00 - Professional Members
 $  5.00 - Individual Members

Deadline: January 1, 2023

Mail your check payable to Mid Fla ROC, 676 Lori Drive, Leesburg FL 34788.
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This is an informative resource from Richard Twort on the Difference Between Board Members and Officers.

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Answers to Trivia Questions
‍1. Georgia 
2. The Crucible
3. William Penn 
4. Juan Ponce de León 
5. Tea
6. Christmas
7. The British
8. Sacagawea
9. The Emancipation Proclamation 
10. Clara Barton 
11. Jefferson Davis 
12. John Wilkes Booth 

Reminder from Board Member
Richard Twort

FMO Business Office
FMO Executive: Director Lisette Mariner
Office Address: 325 John Knox Road L-103
Tallahassee, FL32303
Telephone 850-205-5642
E Mail:

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For specific details about Condominium owners' rights and responsibilities, check this out on the Division website.
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Your 2022-2023 Board of Directors!

President - Carol Flint
Vice President - Mark Shaw
Secretary - Jo-Ann Joslyn
Treasurer - George Elder, Sr. 
Director at Large - Betsy Barbieux
Director at Large - Denise Dalton
Director at Large - Karen Curtis
Director at Large - Richard Twort
Director at Large - G. Ray Simpson

Website Designer - Sylvia Gauthier

For more information visit our website - MidFLROC
FMO Contacts for Lake, Sumter and
Marion Counties

John Petrella - President
(352) 669-6936

DISTRICT 13 - Marion, Alachua, Putnam
Jo Anne Fieschel - Vice President
(631) 987-6842

DISTRICT 11 - Pasco (W of US 41), Hernando

DISTRICT 17 - Pasco (E of US41), Sumter, Citrus

Member Communities

Bonfire Cooperative Association

620 Misti Drive

Brittany Estates R O Association Inc

1000 Mark Road

Continental Country Club

50 Continental Boulevard

352 748-0100

Country Club Manor Co-op, Inc

1701 N Hwy 19 Ste 1


Emerald Lakes

1401 West Highway 50

Griffwood Co-op Inc.  
3896 Picciola Road

Fruitland Park

Harbor Oaks Homeowners Co-op Inc.

3990 Picciola Road
Fruitland Park


Hawthorne Residents Cooperative Association, Inc

100 Hawthorne Boulevard


Lake Yale Estates Condominium Association Inc.

38141 Maywood Bay Drive 


Molokai Co-op Inc.

1 Hawaiian Way

Palm Shores Mobile Home and RV Park
38137 Florida Avenue
Leesburg, FL 34788
(352) 357-4909

Sandpiper Manor

1412 Azalea Drive

Phone: 352-357-6923
FAX: 352-357-9555



Tavares Homeowners, Inc.

756 Marina Lane


Professional Members

Andy Miller
Lee Reed Insurance
38511 5th Avenue
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
(813) 782-5502

Elizabeth (Liz) Anderson

South State Bank
1892 East Burleigh Boulevard
Tavares, FL 32778

Rob Blakeley Insurance
Rob Blakeley

1107 North Donnelly Street
Mount Dora, FL 32757

Florida CAM Schools, LLC
Betsy Barbieux, CAM, CFCAM, CMCA

2501 West Main Street #110
Leesburg, FL 34748
YouTube Channel - CAM Matters  - 
Florida licensing and training for CAM's  Co Op's  HOA's  Condo's

Richard Twort, Director FMO
105 Jackson Circle
Port Orange, FL 32127
The FMO Protects Your Manufactured Home Life Style.
We have comparable rent surveys for all 67 counties in Florida.

Lifestyle Choice Realty
Bill Gorman
1498 Waukan Circle
Casselberry, FL  32707

Absolute Air, LLC
Pete Buhler
27400 US Hwy 27
Leesburg, FL 34748

Clayton & McCulloh, P.A.
Arlene Ring, Director of Public Relations
1065 Maitland Center Commons Boulevard
Maitland, FL 32751

Individual Members

Carol Flint
Lee Flint

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