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Newsletter May 2020
The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and as the world is opening up again, we bring you news of new opportunities and openings in this newsletter.
Project delays and extensions
As most of us are facing delays in our PhD progress and extensions may be inevitable. With the hefty amount of extensions that needs to be granted, not all will succeed. 

TU Delft PhD council of Applied Sciences started an online petition to support PhD and postdoc contract extensions due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you support this cause, visit and sign the petition here:

Also, an open letter to Ingrid van Engelshoven (Minister of Education, Culture and Science) attached to their petition explaining their initiative in detail can be found here:
Reminder! PubQuiz + Beer tasting on 28th May! 
If you have not registered for the pubquiz this Thursday, please do so ASAP.
Come join us for a big evening of fun!

Enquire and Register at:

 Young Medical Delta's search for board members    
If these quiet times working from home has inspired you to try something new and join an organisation, this may be just right up your street. Je moet Nederlands spreken (It is a must that you speak dutch). 
For application and enquiries:
For more information on Young Medical Delta:
   Staying active with Laurine our Promeras board member !   

Laurine Rijsbergen
Although the country is opening up, most of us will still be instructed to work from home as much as possible. I’m an active person and love to move about. Working out is good for our physical and mental health, so the prospect of just sitting down at the same spot all day isn’t very appealing to me. So, during this lockdown I have tested many different workouts and I would like to share my favorites with you:

Yoga with Adriene!
I have a great Youtube channel with yoga videos for both beginner and advanced yogi’s. Goodbye stiff necks and backs!

Dance like nobody is watching
For whom of you like me who can’t sit or stand still when that beat starts, go wild, shake it out in our bedroom, living room or even on the balcony any time of the day. Wave to your neighbours whilst doing so! If you are entertaining enough, they may put you on twitter or youtube for a good cause!
My favourite Spotify playlists:
Best Latin and Reggaeton hits: !Viva Latino!
Swinging African beats: Ambiance #Afrobeats and Afrotrap
Best mix of all the above: Latin Village 2020

Toilet paper work-out 
For all those people who hoarded toilet paper and still have plenty left, try this for a good laugh:

Fit by cleaning
Empty those bins! If you, for whatever reason, cannot be arsed to work out, doing chores around the house can do more than you think.

Effortless ways to shed off those extra calories gained from excessive snacking during the lockdown
       NEWS SOURCE       
Are you aspired to know more on research performed in other fields of science but face troubles finding the right sources and the need to filter subpar unsatisfactory information? 

WEVOLVER is a community platform providing cutting edge news and information covering a vast area of technology and scientific research. Their areas of coverage includes and are not limited to artificial intelligence, material science and healthcare topics such as biomedical and bioengineering. Partnering with some of the top tier institutes such as MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon etc, they receive and share first hand information to their 7+ million subscribers. 

With its digestible articles that you can read on the go, WEVOLVER is a great source of information especially for us the ever so busy PhD candidates

For more information and to subscribe to one or more of their platforms, please visit:

  Peer-reviewed database on lab-products/kits and protocols  

" Have you ever come-across a situation in your lab where you had to test many kits or products (eg: isolation kits, anti-bodies etc) to find out the best performing one for your experiment? Labettor solves your problem by providing a peer-reviewed database that consolidates knowledge on exact experiments and tested products ( "

Labettor is an online research experiment guide in which all information about lab experiments is being brought together on one website. They are inviting all PhD students to sign up join their community. The first 1000 individuals to sign up and claim a ticket will receive a Labettor share certificate. For more information, please visit

Labettor is officially launching in September 2020! Join them in their joyful event.  

About time to write up your thesis but do not know where and how to start? PROEFSCHRIFTMAKEN will be hosting a thesis production webinar on the 2nd of June to tell you all the knows and hows. Participation is encouraged and free for all. 

Visit PROEFSCHRIFTMAKEN to find out more and discover thesis covers designed by others. To schrijf in or register, do so here:

   MedCastNL by Young Medical Delta    
Young Medical Delta and the Medisign Community from Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) have created a Facebook page for students to pitch their project, ideas and research on healthcare-related topics or interesting innovations.

To know more about MedCastNL and their first video, do so here: MedCastNL Facebook page
For those who are interested to submit, do so by enquiring at: or

TOP workshop Effective Pleasant Working Home

Working from home in times of corona. How do you make it work?

Finding it hard to define a clear time for work and yourself while at home? Distracted, not productive and engaged? Erasmus University Rotterdam is offering a paid workshop to help you boost effectivity while working from home. 

This workshop is given by Ron de Jong, a senior coach and specialist in the field of work experience. For more information, visit:

Participants are allowed to use their career budget to pay for the workshop.

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