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Newsletter July 2020
Speak softly and remove your earphones
There’s a possibility that you’ve lost your inner volume control after the hours spent in front of a screen shouting through your Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls. As we are now moving back out into the world, do remember to remove your earphones and turn your inner volume down a notch. You wouldn't want to be caught having a Zoom/Microsoft Teams style shoutout with your colleagues in the canteen wouldn't you. Here's also a gentle reminder to put on your trousers before you leave the house in case like me, you have forgotten of its existence.

In this issue, we bring your attention to our upcoming social event and a few announcements from PNN. 


PROMERAS August 6th social event!

The sun finally came out of hiding, but for some reason it went back behind the clouds again as though it's encouraging us to keep in mind of the current situation and continue to stay indoors. 

However, just for you and me, we hope the sun shines for us on the 6th of August as our long awaited social meet up is finally here! Rest assure, we will have your safety in mind. 
More information on our social event will follow in the coming week, so note the date on your agenda and do come and join us on the 6th.


 "Representing the interests of PhD candidates in the Netherlands"

PNN statement on racism, exclusion and discrimination in Dutch universities

In light of the current movement and awakening of societies around the world in regards to social equality, PNN has made a statement in consultation with its members regarding racism, exclusion and discrimination in Dutch universities.

“PNN urges PhD candidates who have experienced or observed racism, exclusion, or discrimination on the basis of the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, or any other grounds within their institutions to get in touch with their confidentiality counsellors, their local PhD council, and/or PNN."
 " Please contact Promeras if you are facing or have encountered any discrimination ! " 
Thank you for participating in our COVID-survey !! 
This pandemic has brought much uncertainty among PhD candidates where projects were halted, delayed and some might have been cancelled. Therefore, we wanted to assess what problems the PhD candidates at the Erasmus MC are facing due to this COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 198 of you participated in our survey and here we present the findings.

Half of us are negatively impacted by the pandemic:
30% believe that this pandemic will lead to problems in financing of their PhD or employment contract.

The 3 biggest problems we faced so far:
  1. Temporary halt of study inclusions or lab experiments
  2. Limited projects or data to work on
  3. Decrease in social contact and suboptimal working space at home

The biggest concerns that we in EMC are facing: 


28% of the PhD candidates have been asked to participate in COVID-19 related clinical or research work! A generous applause for those who have contributed and thank you for your hard work!! 
This concludes our findings. We have also passed on our findings to Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN) so they are able to get a better understanding of the situation to best represent all we PhD candidates during this pandemic.

 "Representing the interests of PhD candidates in the Netherlands"
Letter to the government requesting €350 million in 'aid'
Following the examples from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, PNN has issued a letter to the government requesting €350 million in aid to help pay for extensions of contracts for young researchers on temporary contracts whose research suffers from delays due to this pandemic. This amount of was arrived at on the basis of internal calculations by VSNU, NFU, NWO and KNAW.

PNN hopes that this aid will make extending contracts possible for at least a few months. Hurray PNN! 

For more information, visit

Guide for dealing with delays as a result of Covid-19
PNN has co-authored a guide for PhD candidates, postdocs and tenure trackers in dealing with delays as a result of COVID-19. 
The guide provides an overview of possible causes of delays and provides possible solutions to address those issues. PhD candidates, postdocs and tenure trackers can refer to this guide to prepare them for discussions with their employers relating to delays caused by the pandemic.

PNN would like to stress that their recommendations may not be fully adopted by all Universities and this guide should only be used as a reference. 
This guide is available in both Nederlands and English
 "Please contact Promeras if you are facing any significant troubles in agreeing to a compensation with your department in EMC if they have greatly deviated from the recommendations in this guide from PNN."   


Activities brought to you by us Promeras and EUR!
While things slowly start to resemble an old “normal”, a few of you international PhDs students may find themselves unable to travel back home, leaving you somewhat stuck in the Netherlands this summer. Just for you, together with the International Office of the EUR, we will be organising a couple of activities to keep you occupied.
1. Online community Café – Thursdays 16.00
(extra: Portuguese/Brazilian breakout room)
Join us Thursdays 16.00 in the online community café if you are interested in social banter or meaningful conversations. Feel free to pop by or stay the full hour. Don’t worry, it won’t be a large group conversation where you have to wait for your turn. There will be breakout rooms.

This week, next to the main area, there will be a Portuguese/Brazilian breakout room and breakout rooms for the mindfulness participants.
Zoomlink (Meeting ID: 969 9267 7448- Password: hellotoyou)


2. Online yoga – Wednesdays 9.00-10.00

On 22 July we start online yoga sessions, for you. The sessions are provided by Ariel Lin, a certified Yoga teacher from Malaysia. No prior experience with yoga is required to join. If you are interested, please register by sending an email to with ‘yoga’ in the subject. 

3. Daily revitalise moment – starting on Monday and Wednesday 12.30-12.50pm

Feeling a little tired and stiff from working too much? Join this Revitalize Moment session! It is a 20 minutes session of various tips and activity to boost your physical wellbeing.
These sessions are currently held on Monday and Wednesday, but will soon be held every weekday. There will be several people providing these Revitalize Moments. We have a yoga teacher and a do-in teacher lined up and soon more will follow.

Join simply through this zoomlink (Meeting ID: 970 4742 9246 - Password: no stress)


4. Online information session - Working from home, health and safety tips. Thursday 23 July, 15.30-16.30

This session will provide tips and tricks on how to work efficiently and safely at home. It is brought to you by Roos Schelvis (senior HR policy advisor and researcher) and Naomi van der Maden (HR policy advisor). They will also introduce 'Openup', a service providing help to all EUR employees in guiding you in achieving your goals or in the case of any mental complaints.

Please feel free to send us your questions beforehand, so we can make sure it will be answered during the session. (send an email to

Join via Zoomlink (Meeting ID: 921 5164 4662 - Password: welcome).


5. Upcoming events! 

Stay tuned!  We are looking into organising activities such as canoeing, a beach day, visiting a city, museum trips, lunch in the park etc.
More details will be provided soon. If you have any request or idea, let us know, maybe we can help arrange it.


We would like your Input on future events. Help us help you :) 

There are several things we have on our list to organise, for which we would first like to know if there are interests for it. If there is sufficient amount of interest in these events, we will organise it. So please send us an email stating which of the following events you would be interested in:
  • An online presentation and conversation with a virologist from EMC, with vast knowledge on viruses including COVID-19. She is currently not involved in any national measures, but she is more than happy to give you an insight on how viruses works.
  • Learn Dutch!!  – a weekly conversation group to practice Dutch. (On- and off-line sessions)
  • The Employments Condition Selection Model (Keuzemodel arbeidsvoorwaarde) explained. This model allows employees of the EUR to choose how a part of their salary is provided to them. Additional travel cost reimbursement, extra holiday days, extra pay, additional pension and more are possible options.
  • A Morning coffee session with us – a starter for the workday ahead. Grab a coffee/tea or any other beverage and have a casual chat with us (either work related or more social talk). We could have a 15 min - start your day – coffee chat!! 

Email us for more enquiries:

Founded in 2012, Rot.Jong was created for young professionals in Rotterdam to get to know each other and the city. They hope to attract and increase young professionals to live and work in Rotterdam. 

In their own words:

" Currently, 2000 young professionals working at the 27 largest companies in Rotterdam are affiliated with Rot.jong. Erasmus MC is one of them. We would greatly encourage employees of Erasmus MC to join us in any of our monthly networking/get to know each other events "

Rot.jong organises monthly events; these several type of events depending on the month. Example are as follows:
  1. Intellectual events
    Lectures and talks by some inspiring speakers such as Jan-Peter Balkenende and CEOs of large companies like Shell
  2. ‘Charity’ events
    Rot.Jong does something back for the city and its inhabitants, such as 'Rot.Jong meets refugees' – an introduction between young professionals from the refugee community in Rotterdam
  3. Sport events 
    The title says it all. Sports with you and me and other young professionals in Rotterdam
  4. Social events 
    Get to know who's who and get acquainted with current and new initiatives or projects in the city such as the IFFR etc etc...  An annual gala and social active networking events throughout the year
  5. The all new Social – distancing events 
    Adapting to the 'new normal', events will be organised following the appropriate rules. May be interesting to some, an online escape room is due to be held on 21st July. 

Rot.Jong is looking for representatives for Erasmus MC! 
2-3 people from each company will have the opportunity to be the face of their company in Rot.Jong. Would you like to represent Erasmus MC in Rot.Jong? There's one spot left for grabs. 
Contact Rot.Jong for more details. 

Want to stay informed on Rot.Jong's upcoming events?
Email or sign up on their website:  
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