This week I completed my "New Brooklyn" saga with THE RED HOOK series finale, PTSD: Post-Traumatic Superhero Disorder at Webtoon.

This year I celebrated the 25th anniversary of KEYHOLE, my two-man comix anthology with high school chum and comix colleague, Josh Neufeld. I co-produced DENNY BARRACUDA, a play cum short-film written by Whitney Matheson and directed by Shannon Goldman. I participated in cool projects and wrote a lot of new stuff that I hope gets seen and heard someday soon.

I got my flu and Covid-19 booster shots. I wear a mask when and where appropriate. Freelance work has become difficult to obtain as NYC costs become outrageously exorbitant. Meanwhile, night life is an option of the past. Wo Hop closes at 9pm! Maybe it's time to slow down a notch as I seek better ways to innovate what's left of in-person humanity during a pandemic. I mean, social and digital media is necessary but every electronic thing we indulge evaporates and merges into the next thing, reminding me that we are a seamless experience not necessarily meant to be retold. It's all so fleeting. Enjoy the here and now. I'm grateful for my friends safely hosting games and gatherings.

One of my regrets is that I hardly exercise. I know I can always TRY to do something (do a sit up -- a push up -- a pull up) but I don't. I forfeit exercise for sitting at the art table or laptop, 10-12 hours a day, with the aim to craft stories. But I gotta live it in order to tell it. Today I will make an effort to walk around the maze of my studio hallway a few more times than normal so I can live life long enough to write one more story than otherwise expected.
Big NEW BROOKLYN UNIVERSE thanks to Tom Akel, David Shinok Lee, JunKoo Kim and the Webtoon gang. Eric Stephenson and the Image Comics gang, The late Seth Kushner, Shamus Beyale, Jason Goungor, Frank Reynoso, Vito Delsante, Ricardo Venancio, Adam McGovern, Paolo Leandri, Dave Kelly, Brett Hobson, Erik Larsen, and, most importantly, the fans. The Red Hook isn't over. Look out for more adventures someday - soon.

I had the pleasure of attending a reading for the screenplay of VOICES, a new movie being produced next year that I'm providing art for. Here's an excerpt of what A.A. Cristi wrote at Broadway World:

"Last night, the People's Improv Theater hosted Richard Kind (A Serious Man, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Mouth), Judy Gold (Awkwafina: Nora From Queens, Better Things, Roseanne) and Jeff Ayars (Comedy Central, The New Yorker, The Daily Show) for a preview performance of writer David Skovron's screenplay VOICES - an indie feature in pre-production for mid-2022. When Charlie, a tormented graphic novelist with writer's block, starts seeing an imaginary Ludwig van Beethoven, he discovers an unorthodox source of support and inspiration. But when Charlie's therapist urges him to get a brain scan, Charlie must make a life-or-death decision for himself... and his new best friend. Kind starred as the imaginary Beethoven to Ayars' Charlie, while Gold shined as his no-nonsense therapist. The event also featured original art for the film, created by Emmy-winner Dean Haspiel (American Splendor, Bored To Death). Writer and Cartoonist Whitney Matheson (USA Today's Pop Candy) provided narration and additional voices."

You can read the entire article HERE and see pictures!

Thanks to old Nick & Eddie restaurant co-worker/TV producer Pam Griffiths and actor/TV producer, Brian Unger, I appeared throughout FOX TV's THE SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS REVEALED:

"Premiering at 8pm ET on Monday, Dec. 20, The Secrets of Christmas: Revealed exposes earth shattering revelations of how Santa Claus pulls off the most magical day of the year, after a massive data breach results in the release of millions of secret documents revealing the confidential inner-workings and mysteries of Santa’s entire Christmas operation — from his hidden network of spying elves to Mrs. Claus’ covert role in the organization and evidence pointing to Santa’s own magical abilities. Christmas experts, contributors and enthusiasts examine the avalanche of data and share top-secret findings of their investigations. As each secret is unpacked, including “How do reindeers fly?” and “What’s the line between naughty and nice?,” a gripping audience play-along is provided, layering in pieces of information that all build up to a final reveal exposing the biggest secrets of Christmas."

Here's the trailer.

Wits' End podcast 108. Jack Kirby & Stan Lee's Fantastic Four with Dean Haspiel!

"Wits’ End host Shah Emami reunites with Emmy and Ringo award-winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel to cover Kirby and Lee’s groundbreaking series. During the talk, Shah and Dean cover favorite Fantastic Four stories, how Kirby influences Dean’s work, the final season of Dean’s Red Hook web comic (which is filled to the brim with Jack Kirby energy and Dean’s very own Fantastic Four), crowdfunding, social media pros/cons & more. Dean’s work follows the spirit of Kirby and Lee’s Fantastic Four by injecting vulnerable humanity into human beings who don capes and cowls. This talk celebrates a medium that brings people together through storytelling. Don’t miss it—chaos ensues!"

ALSO, I put my impromptu ink on cardboard sketch of "The Bat" in a new group art show at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook, BK/NY. Other artists include painter Jen Ferguson and co-curator, Krista Dragomer. Swing by for inspiration and spirits.

Happy Holidays. Cheers to a safer and healthier 2022.

Love, Dean

Read The Red Hook's NEW BROOKLYN saga for free at Webtoon:

NIGHTWORK Studio is my multimedia collaboration project with Whitney Matheson.

SCENE BY SCENE WITH JOSH & DEAN, podcast with Josh Neufeld that breaks down the film American Splendor, Harvey Pekar's legacy & growing up making comix in NYC.

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