Transgender Day of Visibility

Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM
at the Bosque Theatre in the Convention Center (100 Washington Ave)


In just four days:

  • Over 25 people have signed up to support our trans siblings

  • We should be able to bring over 30 minutes of trans awareness to the Waco City Council


We wanted to share some helpful tips on how to speak at a City Council meeting:

  • Business Sessions (the part where the decisions are made and the public can speak start at 6:00 pm and are held at the Bosque Theatre of the Convention Center (100 Washington Avenue - but the entrance actually faces the parking lots off Franklin)

  • Show up a little early if you are speaking (to sign in)

  • Keep in mind the council may start late if their Executive Session (the non-public part of the meeting) runs long

  • If you plan to speak you can sign up here, by emailing, by calling 254-750-5750, or at the welcoming table day of

  • If you want to share some print materials please make sure to bring six copies

  • We will be speaking during the "Hearing of Visitors"

  • This is at the very end of the meeting, so be prepared to wait an hour or two depending on the agenda (it's WELL worth it)

  • Each person can speak for three minutes

  • If ten folks from the audience stand in support of a speaker they can speak for TEN minutes

  • If you support someone else speaking, you can't speak for yourself

  • Speak from a paper, or from your memory, or from your heart (your voice matters no matter where you store it)

  • The Council will not be able to respond to our voices (since it won't be posted on the agenda)

  • If you are supporting from the audience don't forget that you can wear your support as well

  • Let's fill the theatre with blue and pink


  • If you need any accessibility assistance (for example a sign language interpreter) please call 254-750-5750 ahead of the meeting. They should be glad to help.

Thank you!

We’ve seen your shares, likes, and RSVPs. It means the world to us. Please keep it up and share this information out.

We hope to see you on the 5th!

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