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We invite you to join us at this year's AGM, which will be happening on-line on Thursday 12th November at 7pm: please get in touch for the zoom log-on details.
As well as the business part of the meeting we will also hear from Cllr Denise Bickely, of the Plastic Warriors, and Richard Eley, president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Local politics, local planning:

One particular issue which interests the VGS is that of 'transparency and democracy' – and things are looking very promising at East Devon, although there is still some history of bad decision-making.

There are also ongoing questions about process at Exeter and a certain discomfort over the Greater Exeter plan.

However, East Devon is now keen to get on with putting together a new Local Plan.

The local economy during and after Covid:

There continues to be a huge amount of support for local businesses over lockdown.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of talk about how to 'build back better' – especially in rural and small town areas.

And as we look at increases in poverty and unemployment in East Devon, we have to ask how much of this is structural or due to the current economic crisis – and whether our local economy is dangerously over-exposed to tourism.

But if you want a really positive picture of the future, look to the Wales Institute for Sustainability and the ideas coming out of the #FutureGen project.

Beach Management Plan:

The BMP continues to edge forward, now in a spirit of openness and transparency, with a look at a new report on rates of erosion – and further analysis of its impact, including projections of a ten-fold increase in cliff erosion.

Questions around the planned splash wall continue to be considered, as do those around proposals for rock armour at the Eastern cliffs.

Besides, there are all sorts of imaginative ideas about creating public spaces on esplanades which could be integrated into the BMP – one idea being to have a jetty on the front.

Finally, a big thanks to VGS rep Robert Crick for many years of excellent work on the BMP steering group: he is now being allowed to retire, after asking questions, many questions, which are at last being considered.


There are certainly questions about how the government and the county council are looking after the environment.

Meanwhile, though, the Devon Wildlife Trust is forging ahead with 'rewilding' efforts in Devon, which might have quite an impact on countering climate change.

And the Biodiversity Group celebrates an incredible abundance of wildlife in the Sid Valley.


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