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It's now all go with the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards.

The closing date for final nominations is 30th September.

The judges panel has just been announced.

And the event to celebrate the winners will be happening on 22nd October.


There's now less than a week to go before nominations close for the Champions Awards - a project led by the VGS, together with its partners the Town Council and the Plastic Warriors.

And to nominate anyone for an Award in any of the three categories there's a very straightforward online form.


Once all the nominations are in, the judges will sift through them and come to the difficult decision as to who should win an Award.

The panel of judges will be made up of Prof Brian Golding, Cllr Chris Lockyear and Chris Woodruff - key representatives of the community who share an interest in local issues and who have themselves contributed over the years to the vitality of the Sid Valley.

As Chris Lockyear says about the Awards: “This is a real opportunity to acknowledge those in the community who work hard, often without recognition, in a way that has supported Sidmouth over the past difficult 18 months.”

  Professor Brian Golding         Cllr Chris Lockyear         
Chris Woodruff AONB


There are three categories for nominations.

Which is actually what the Vision Group for Sidmouth is all about - particularly now.


The Awards are about all the efforts being made in these difficult times - looking after both neighbours and neighbourhoods, keeping going through the pandemic, and yet still taking care of the planet as we go about all of this.

It's all about "becoming part of a team, a chance to talk with like-minded people and make friends, and a sense of feeling needed" - says Denise Bickley, co-sponsor of the Awards.


Looking back at the last eighteen months, it's been very much about keeping our economy and community vibrant.

And as Louise Cole of the Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub says, it's also about "a collective strength that will not only help us to recover but to flourish as we move forwards resiliently into the next chapter."


Fundamentally, as VGS chair Peter Murphy says, it's all about "being thoughtful about what we’re doing now, so that our grandchildren can enjoy the fruits of our planet just as we do."

Whether it's the green groups and initiatives in the Sid Valley which have managed to do great things even during lockdown.

Or the shops who’ve been ditching plastic wrapping, the hotels who’ve cut down on food waste, and the restaurants who source locally-grown food.

Or the families who’ve created ponds in their back gardens, and who’ve seen Devon staycations as a way to enjoy what we have in our green and pleasant back yards.
        Peter Murphy                    Cllr Denise Bickley                Clle Louise Cole


Indeed, there are lots of examples of individuals, groups and businesses who deserve our attention for the great things they've been doing in the name of community, resilience and sustainability - as shared on the Sidmouth Champions Awards Facebook pages.

As a final reminder, then, if there’s anybody who deserves to be recognised as a Champion, just go to the dedicated website and fill in the form - to nominate someone for an award.


And on 22nd October, there will be a special awards ceremony at Kennaway House, to congratulate the winners and celebrate all the efforts across the Sid Valley from over the last eighteen months.

Look out for more news on that later...

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