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Dallas Texas         Winter 2021
"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."
- 2 Corinthians 9:16
Merry Christmas and Happy early 2022, our beloved prayer warriors near and far! :) 

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the indescribable gift, we think of you and pray for you often. You are part of our extended family who have been faithfully praying for us and financially supporting us throughout the years. What a beautiful gift you have been to the Suns family. 

We are reminded that the most incredible gift ever given by God arrived at the first Christmas more than 2000 years ago. The incarnation of God himself to come in the flesh to be born as a baby to dwell among us, more precisely, to be with us. This gift made us marvel at the astonishing truth that God would care for mankind that we have been gifted with a savior who would trade a throne for thorn and a crown for a cross. The gift that forever changed the destiny of the humanity. Every year in December, our souls are invited to rest and remember the realities of Immanuel that we belong to a good and gracious God who is with us and for us. Our prayer is that you will experience the inexpressive and glorious joy of His presence in your home during this Christmas and in the new year to come. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership to allow us to do all that God has entrusted us. We pray for God's gift of love to fill your heart and for His glorious hope to guide you into the year to come. As year of 2021 has come to an end, we wanna invite you to join our family to reflect the year and to recount the blessings of God's faithfulness in 2021. In this issue, you will see: 
  • The revelation of 2020-2021 
  • Ministry updates (family missions):
    • Engaging the lost
    • Equipping the believers 
    • Empowering the leaders 
  • Seminary Life
  • New Zealand border update 
  • Family news
  • Upcoming ministry in 2022
The revelation of 2020 - 2021
God, use us. 
God, be with us. 
God, help us to be with you. 

This is the progression of our prayers throughout 2020-2021. 

Prior to 2020-2021, we have unknowingly been discipled by the work-based spirituality to define faithful as the one who packs the daily and weekly schedule with works, tasks, meetings or trainings. We were consumed with passion to achieve and fulfill God's calling in our life. We ran hard. We worked hard. We stayed up late. We ignored Sabbath. We dreamed big. We traveled far. We prayed for God to use us. To give us opportunities to speak and to serve. To change the world. To impact God's kingdom. 

During 2020-2021, we went through much breaking and repairing. Through the disappointment and depression with pain and loss, we did not know how to approach God when we had nothing to offer in our shame and brokenness. We had been doing so much for God throughout the years and placing our worth on the things we had accomplished, but in this trying season of pandemic, everything had been stripped away that we did not know what it meant to come to God when we had nothing to offer. The sobering reality had drew us from asking God to use us to simply God to be with us. To be with us in our loss. To be with us in our stress. To be with us when we don't even want to be with Him. 

Coming to the end of 2020-2021, after walking through a season of healing, we have arrived at a strange and yet satisfying place where we never imagined. A place where we are okay with not knowing the future, not having the answer, and not measuring the cost. A true awakening to the deepest need of our longing souls is to know God and to be known by Him. To simply be in His presence. To swim in the ocean of His grace. To abide in His excessive joy. To turn from the pursuit of doing things for God to the pursuit of being still with God. And the prayer we cry out to God each day has been to help us to be with you. Fully present. Fully known. Fully loved. 

A pastor once said that we could be committed Christian without being deeply formed in Christ. By God's grace, we had gradually and humbly been formed into the likeness of Christ by adopting the truth that the fruit of the ministry is the result of the intimacy with the Lord. We were reminded by the words of Mother Teresa, "I was never called to be successful; I was called to be faithful and in my striving to be faithful, my life will be fruitful and because it is fruitful, you could say I am successful."

Our souls magnify the Lord when we are having a deep and abiding life in Christ. It is our prayer that our testimony will encourage you and challenge you today. 
Engaging the lost
Family Outreach
As we prayed to engage the lost intentionally and proactively in the year of 2021, God has graced us to meet a student working in a tea shop. Ric was able to grab a meal with him to share life with him and to support him when he was undergoing a severe car accident. This Thanksgiving, Jocelyn went out of the way to cook a tray of pasta for him and his coworkers with a goody bag. We are excited about this divine appointment to love him, to care for him and to introduce Jesus to him. Please continue to pray for his salvation to come. 
Family Outreach
This is our new found Taiwanese restaurant in Plano area, called HOJA, meaning delicious in Taiwanese. We found out that the family was from Taiwan and moved to America about two years ago to start a business. While they do not have any family here, we have reached out to care for them, support them, and invite them to the church events. The owner's wife and child came to a Christmas event where they had met many other families and had a great time. She also began to raise questions about Christianity and expressed how she enjoyed the worship songs. We are thankful for God to place their family in our life that we can share the good news with them and point them to our savior Jesus Christ. We praise God for your prayer and please continue to pray for this lovely family to come closer to Jesus day by day. 
Someone Cares (post-aborted ministry)
I (Jocelyn) got to serve at Someone Cares in October this year. Someone Cares is a DFW based and a post-aborted recovery ministry speaking hope, truth and grace to women by providing a safe and intimate 12 weeks study of His plan for women who have experienced the pain of abortion. This is the heartbeat of my ministry God has led me to with the calling to invest my time and life onto the lives of broken and wounded women. Along the team, I was able to serve a group of women from all ages and all walks of life dealing with all levels of trauma and shame leading to suicide.

Throughout the retreat, I was riding on an emotional and mental rollercoaster with women who experienced the recurring pain that is too devastating to continue and too much to bear. In the striking reality, they have been swallowed by the tsunami of hopelessness and drowning in the ocean of shame. The depth of their hurt can only be mended by the multitude of God's grace. And praise the Lord! God has done it again to allow us to witness the total transformation and lasting freedom through the showcase of His incredible and powerful healing and restoration. At the end of the retreat, I was led by the spirit to prepare bookmarks as a gift for each participant to bless them and remind them that they are each God's chosen and beloved creation.
Equipping the believers
Preaching at Fort Bend Community Church in Houston
In 2021, we continued to build the partnership with local churches where we were privileged to speak at 7 churches (listed below) throughout the years including youth camp and mission conferences. Our hearts are deeply stirred by the mission of Jesus (Luke 4:43) that we cannot and will not slow down to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Would you continue to pray for us to keep up the kingdom work to speak the truth in love with the given opportunities in 2022? 
  • Plano Chinese Alliance Church, Plano
  • Mesquite Bible Church, Mesquite
  • Asian American Baptist Church, Richardson
  • Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church, Richardson
  • First Chinese Baptist Church in Dallas
  • Prosper Fellowship Church, Prosper
  • Ford Bend Community Church, Houston
  • Camp challenge (Youth camp of Ford Bend Community Church)
  • Chinese Mission Convention South
Mission Conference at Fort Bend Community Church 
I (Ric) wanted to share a highlight of the year with you that I was speaking at the mission conference of Fort Bend Community Church in Houston in November with the topics below:
  • Message 1: Sacredness of ALL life: Mission field created by abortion
  • Message 2: Spiritual climate in New Zealand
  • Message 3: Missional life: All things to all people for the sake of the gospel
The work of God was so evident that incredible things happened when people of God are committed to praying and interceding. Many of them attended the conference have been stirred by the spirit to share their commitments and encouragements with me that I hope you will be encouraged by the fruit of your prayers! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • I have never heard the topic of abortion presented by a male speaker in a church setting. You need to keep speaking!
  • I never got to hear about the area of abortion outside of the political debate.
  • It is so encouraging to hear about the abortion according to the Father’s heart.
  • How can I get connected to serve in the ministry of post-aborted?
  • How do you become qualified to be a missionary?
  • How can you encourage these young people who still couldn’t go but willing to do something for the Lord?
  • I have these co-workers who are non-believers and I wanted to reach out to them. Can you pray for them?
  • I have a muslim friend and an atheist friend. How do I reach out to them?
  • I really wanted to live a missional life but I am struggling to live out my faith, what should I do? Can you pray for me?
  • Can I get a picture with you? (LOL)
Brothers and sisters, your prayers WORKED! Would you join me to pray for the Spirit to feed their hunger and fulfill their commitment as they (we) become addicted by the dose of grace to be all things to all people for the sake of the gospel? Thank you family!!! 🔥🔥
TaeKwonDo Ministry
"When you have Bible in one hand and black belt in another, you can reach the lost around the world for God's kingdom." 

This is the mission statement of our TKD ministry. Throughout the year, not only did TaeKwonDo ministry strengthen our students' health and body condition, but also encourage them to train their body, soul and spirit with delight and discipline. The ministry provides a spirit-filled space where people are edified by the word of God and prayer to God. We are building up students' perseverance and resilience especially during the time of hardship. It is incredible that the pandemic did not slow down the ministry that there were actually new students who joined us. Our registration is open now, so please don't hesitate to ask for more details if you are keen! :) 
Empowering the leaders
LIFE International 
In July, we got to partner with Life International to help teach/train alongside other trainers. There are pastors, leaders, doctors, seminary professors who joined the training from all over the US, the Philippians, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Croatia and New Zealand. 

Though we needed to wake up at 5am everyday throughout the week to prepare the class, the training, fellowship and partnership for the advancement of the Gospel and the expansion of the kingdom is indeed so worth of our time.

Life International was birth 20 years ago with the call to proclaim the message of Father’s heart and empower the leaders with the training for the sanctity of life. We will be part of the teaching team next year and we pray that you will join us to be the life givers and bring it to your mission field, church, ministry and even your family. 
Discipleship in silence and solitude (Ric)
"Solitude is the place of purification and transformation, the place of the great struggle and the great encounter... the place of our salvation." - Henry Nouwen

I (Ric) continue to meet with two groups of men for discipleship every week, one international group and one here in Texas. The international group consists of two brothers serving in New Zealand and one is from Singapore living in Melbourne, Australia. Please pray for this international group of four that we started in the beginning of pandemic will hold fast to the calling to make and multiply disciples. 

The local group here in Texas consists of 4 brothers that we meet weekly to spend 30 minutes sharing the high/low light with confession of sin, struggles and strongholds and the other 30 minutes going over our Bible journals and close with prayer. Members of these brothers are two seminarians, a married musician with two kids and one brother in the preparation of going to Bulgaria for mission. 

In this season, we are learning to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus by practicing silence and solitude on the regular basis to go into the wildness to have our souls rest and restore from the fast-paced, noise-filled, and goal-driven culture. Overtime, the work of God has gradually and deeply formed us into the likeness of Christ especially in the time of silence, solitude and stillness. 
Discipleship (Jocelyn)
After much prayer and deliberation, God has brought three sisters to me (Jocelyn) to form a discipleship relationship in this past year. I have been meeting with them every other week and am humbly to share life and walk a season with them. I am blessed beyond words to see their hunger for the Lord and desire to grow deeper and stronger in the Lord. I am thrilled to see what God has in store for these relationship and believe that the best days are yet to come. 
Seminary Life
Angelology. Anthropology. Hamartiology.
After undergoing a year of health storm through miscarriage, covid and thyroid, God has sustained me (Jocelyn) with His sufficient grace and the ability to breathe normally and peacefully again. Taking a systemic theology class this semester in angelology, anthropology and hamartiology seems so fitting in this season with the provision of our Father leading me into a time and space where He restored my scatteredness to find peace and rest through water coloring. The drawing was inspired by the doctrinal synthesis paper. 
  • Water coloring angelology (top left): Iris (unborn daughter) welcoming Moriah (miscarried daughter) into the heavenly realm.
  • Water coloring anthropology (top right): Creation of humanity, each unique creation sings of God's glory. 
  • Water coloring hamartiology (bottom left): Dead bones, when sin cripples in. 
  • Water coloring Jesus (bottom right): Our savior Jesus Christ whom took upon all our sins and paid in full. 
Brief reflection from the class: 

Clearly our God had deeper desires to heal us from something to something. He delights to work in us so we may fully let Him work through us (Eph. 3:20). We realized God always wants more from us that is to form a deeper intimate relationship with Christ our savior. As we acknowledged our past sins and wounds, we were able to bring it under the light to surrender it at the foot of the Cross (Eph. 4:22). During this journey of faith, our God allowed me to have dreams and visions of our unborn and miscarried daughters. Our past wounds were liberated and we were able to embrace other wounded hearts with deep compassion without barriers or shield of self-protection. Despite how deep our sins run, our gracious God would look down and choose us (Eph. 1:4) to be His hands and feet (Ps. 139:13) for us to treat others with dignity, worth and love (Heb. 13:2). It allowed us begin to share our stories of brokenness to magnify our Father's greatness as we speak on the topics of authentic community, the sacredness of life, biblical sexuality, and abortion recovery etc. God had immensely opened multiple doors for us to partner with churches in the Dallas and Houston areas along serving heavily with Someone Cares, Deeper Still and Life International in person and visually. The desires and transformation we have received from the gospel reminds us to become the imago Dei (Gen. 1:26-27) in order to deliver the hope and lasting freedom of redemption as an ambassador of Christ towards the nations (Acts 1:8). As we earnestly create a safe space to dialogue and to journey alongside the brokenhearted to be healed and be set free for God's grand mission, we are committed our lives with a burning desire to see lives of many radically transformed to have a total dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ. 
New Zealand Update
We have received the news from NZ government that the international border may finally reopen in April 2022 after 2 year of closure. It was such a silver lining until the new variant popping up and sweeping across the globe again. So now, we do not know what the policy of the border will unfold, but we praise God for His transcending peace to guard our heart and mind as we continue to wait patiently and trust wholeheartedly our Father's perfect timing. 
Family News
Kyra's Baptism on Oct. 10th, 2021
I (Ric) can’t remember where I was fooling around when I was 9 years old. Most definitely not on the stage sharing any story, not alone the story about Jesus… But Kyra, by God's grace, has decided to get baptized on October 10th, 2021 to declare her faith in Jesus Christ and in public. We rejoice and praise God for your years investment in the life of Kyra through unceasing prayer and support. Thank you family! May you continue to pray for her to walk in the Lord and grow to love Jesus more day by day. We would love to share her testimony with you and hope you will be encouraged by her story. :) 

Hi, my name is Kyra Sun, and this is my testimony. Before I became a Christian I usually didn’t care much about my faith and belief. And whenever I was reading my bible and praying, I wouldn’t care what it said, I only did it to please my parents and to just check it off. I accepted Christ when I was 4 years old but it didn’t really affect or change… I didn’t understand what my faith really was about until I saw a picture when I was 7. It was Jesus’s hand with blood all over it. A soldier was holding a nail over it, about to pierce it. That’s when I realized how much Jesus had been through for me. Then I began to experience God in many different ways.

[Conquering idols: Prayer is powerful and it works]
When I was 4 years old, I started to have a fear of eating in front of dolls, statutes and mannequins, and if I did, then I would usually gag, and occasionally throw up. For a few years, I struggled with the same problem especially when we ate out at asian restaurants. I would need to stop eating and ask my dad to take me out to stay away from the statutes. One time, me and my family were having dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant and there were two really weird looking statutes and the same thing happened. I told my mom I could not eat and she told me to pray and so I did. Then after I prayed I started to eat, looking away from the statues, then slowly I started to look at them until I could eat in front of them. After that experience I realized that prayer is powerful and that it works.

[God’s love through the neighbors for my wound: Christians are different from the people of this world]
One night, when I was 5 years old, my mom was reading a bible story to me and my siblings. After she finished reading to us, she told us to go to our bedroom, to wind down. My sister raced me to our room but while I was running around a corner, I slipped and fell on my chin. I was unconscious for about 5 seconds but then I realized that there was a hole in my chin because I could see blood spreading around it. Then I started to cry. My mom hurried to see me and she kind of screamed. She then told my sister to get a pillow and put it on a mat. Then she grabbed some paper towels and wiped the blood. After that she got her phone and told my dad what had happened cause my dad was studying downstairs. When he heard what had happened he came upstairs and called our friends that were doctors in the building. We live in an apartment where we have many friends in the building. A number of them came and had a look at my chin. One of them said that I had to go to the hospital cause it was pretty deep. My dad decided to take me to the hospital. We had to wait for 3 hours until I could get my stitches and we didn’t get home until 3am. It was scary and tiring, but I experienced God’s love through my family and our neighbors who dropped everything to come and help me in the late night.

[Puzzle analogy: God exists]
I also often asked my dad,”How do you know that God exists?” He answered,”All the evidence is in the bible. And hasn’t God answered your prayers?” I still didn’t understand what he meant, but one day I was reading a book and it said,”Evolution says everything just sort of fell perfectly into place to create life. Try this experiment: Grab a puzzle and toss the pieces into the air. Did they put themselves together? No? Try again… and again. Still not right? If a simple puzzle can’t put itself together, how can 32.2 trillion cells of a person put themselves together without someone putting them in just the right place?" I learned that behind all that God exists.

I’ve been having these baptism classes with Mrs. Michelle, Gabriel, Gracie, Ryan, and Bethany. I believe Jesus died for my sins and gave me new life. Now I understand what faith, grace, and belief is. Now I can read my bible and pray with my own desire. I can serve and help my siblings without an anger inside of me. I know that I’m not alone, that there will always be someone to stand by me. I want to share with you one of my favorite verses to encourage you:

"Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” - Isaiah 43:1-2

I am ready to get baptized today to call Jesus not just my Savior, but also my Lord. Thank you for listening and coming to my baptism.
Kyra's and Liora's first recorded and published song
(Watch by clicking the picture above!!!)

 Reflection on her birthday:
 This year in October, I turned 10, and for my birthday my parents got 2 of our friends (Aaron and Emma) to record a song that I wrote called 'Healing'. (You can find it on YouTube and Spotify). After the recording was over, my dad showed me a video he made with the pictures he and my mom took when we lived in Houston, from when I was in my mom's uterus to when I was 4 years old. Also on December 17th, Liora turned 7 years old, and that was the same day that I finished reading my Bible! For 3 years I've been aiming to complete different versions of the Bible each year, and this is the 3rd time I have finished reading the whole bible, Genesis - Revelation, starting from January 1st - December 17 or just before the year is over. On October 10th I got baptized too, so this year I am very grateful for everything that has happened! :)
The Sun Kids dedicated a beautiful song with sign language to Jesus at his birthday. :) 
Picture shot in 2021 in front of DTS's new chapel, Liora (7), Kyra (10) and Zion (4) are ready to take over the world! :) 
Sabbath alert: Working hard or hardly working!!! lol
Upcoming Ministry in 2022
Family, please pray for our upcoming ministry opportunities in the early next year to be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit as we abide in Christ together to seek God's face, hear His voice and rest in His grace!

2/18-2/20: Ric speaking at a retreat of Cypress Bible Church in Houston
2/25-2/27: Ric speaking at Black Forest Academy in Germany (TBD)
3/8-3/13: Jocelyn and Ric sharing testimony at Deeper Still banquet in Tennessee
3/18-3/20: Ric speaking at Common Ground College Retreat in Seattle (TBD)
5/7: Jocelyn's DTS graduation (YAY!)
6/27-7/1: Jocelyn and Ric teaching at LIFE international training 
Journey with the Suns!
The Suns family is beyond thankful for your unceasing prayer and generous support. We can do what we do to share the Gospel and make disciples for the advancement of the kingdom only because of you. We believe that wherever God places us, we are called to thrive to the utmost, share the love of Christ, worship Him and enjoy His presence. We are committed to walking by faith and trusting our Father's provision for the cost of living here and launching into New Zealand. If you or you know of anyone who is passionate about mission, a postmodern culture, prevention and restoration for abortion and what God is doing in New Zealand specifically through our family, we invite you to continue this journey of faith with us in 2022 through

engaging the lost, 
equipping the believers and 

empowering the leaders. 

If you felt led by the Spirit to partner with us through financial support, here are two ways that you can help support our journey ahead. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Love y'all so much. :)

Until all are heard and healed,
The Suns :) 

Giving Options:
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  2. Tax-deductible through the button below of International Christian Community-Eurasia (Please designate Ric and Jocelyn Sun)
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