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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to issue 15 of the Phreaky Briefing! Our goal is to provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable information.  We won't spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum.  Site updates will be at the bottom of the email; Let's get on to the news you're really here for!
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News


  • Mike Fournier from Copper and Current has begun work on a metal switch for his lights 
  • The PhotonX  x LM Toolworks Tala protoype 2 is almost complete, this time with some of Leo's impeccable  engravings. Stay tuned for more updates on its progress!
  • Lux-RC is discontinuing the Minion line, and selling out the remaining stock (5 as of right now).  These feature the new driver with motion-sensing UI and some had the T11 ultra-narrow optic.  Get yours while you can!
  • Barrel branches out with a new barrel design.  No further details are available.
  • Benjamin from Frelux announced that he received all of the electronics for the Synergy2, he expects the new light to launch in Q1 2020
  • Lumintop announced the Glow I, a 10180 keychain light with integrated charging.  The bezel is turbo glow!
  • Klarus updates their RS80 with the RS80GT.  This update includes the newer Cree XHP70.2 emitters.  This 6x18650 device also serves as a powerbank, and has integrated charging!
  • In even more Lumintop news, the FW1A has gotten another update!  The FW1A Pro has been announced.  The update to the FW1A is that the Pro gets a Cree 50.2 emitter, which will likely push the output quite a bit higher.

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You've received this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
First of all, we're back!!! It's "we" now, ZeroAir, a well respected reviewer joined the PhotonPhreaks team and will assist in writing the briefing to ensure we never abandon you again. We've been busy though, here's what you may have missed:
  • We dropped a couple new patches, including Phreaky Phish (lanterns are lights too), and Photon Boy, a nod to all you gamers out there, don't forget your flashlights when you rise up.
  • We've been experimenting with new vendors, in an effort to consistently improve and we've found one we're super happy with. Buy the Phreaky Phish patch to check it out, it's a step above our previous work and we're excited to bring new designs into reality that we were unable to previously.  
  • Photon Boy is actually our first PVC patch! PVC patches are sort of rubbery/plastic feeling and can have more vibrant colors with distincter outlines. Many people have been asking for one so we gave it a shot. Unfortunately the price has to be slightly higher due to the mold costs, but as always, shipping is free!
  • December marked 1 year of PhotonPhreaks!! it's been a wonderful experience so far and we hope to provide it for you for many years to come. To celebrate, we'll be bringing back the long sold out yet beloved Voodoo Phreak, but with a fresh design, keep an eye out for an email this week. 
  • /u/LoPan12 used the Blinded Snoo design for his notebook, totally loving this adaptation!
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