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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to issue 20 of the Phreaky Briefing! We aim to provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable information.  We won't spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum.  Site updates will be at the bottom of the email; Let's get on to the news!
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News

Production News

  • YellowDayEnergy released their custom switch cover for the Wreck-IT!
  • Deadwood Custom Works has been teasing some grooves, twist, smooth or flutes!
  • Deadwood Custom Works also teasing a Tombstone with no material break.
  • One more note about Deadwood Custom Works - now is your last chance to get the Huckleberry!
  • Frelux Synergy 2 is now available for order!
  • Reaver Arms has introduced a new sculpted clip for the Citadel.
  • Reaver Arms also has produced a very neat "process" video. Here's a link to the video on their FaceBook page.
  • Okluma has been making progress on their bicycle light!
  • The first PhotonPhreaks / PhotonX flashlight product was made available for presale and sold out immediately! The HDSRB Head replaces the stock bezel and reflector on your existing ACME threaded HDS light with a custom made precision reflector, reflector housing and bezel to greatly increase the throw. Preliminary tests with a 219c 5000k LED doubled candela ratings and increased the throw 1.5 times. 
  • Acebeam H60 multi emitter headlamp was announced.
  • Acebeam X10 throw/flood mix large format light was announced.
  • Acebeam M15 EDC style light was announced.
  • Acebeam H17 is a new right-angle style small EDC light.
  • Acebeam H70 is a multi-emitter headlamp, in what looks to be the 18650 format.
  • Acebeam H90 is another multi-emitter headlamp, but is a triple of triples!  Looks like it'll b a good one for bike helmet mount, too.
  • Acebeam H95 is what you need if you need even more triples in your headlamp, than what the H90 offers!
  • Acebeam X65Gt is a bit ill defined just yet, but it looks to be a multi-emitter massive thrower!e
  • Acebeam E10 is a special use-case of light - it offers three color emitters but they are all for throw!
  • Fenix releases BC30 V2.0 bike light.
  • The Lumintop FW21 Pro is the next iteration of the FW series of lights, which have proven incredibly popular.  This one offers 3x XHP50.2.
  • The Wainlight 2LS looks like a regular copper light, but it's not - it's a set of 3 emitters, including 1 SVC UV365nm 5w LED and 2 Osram NM1 LED.  And on-board charging!

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You've received this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
We hope everyone is well, the coronavirus pandemic is tough on everyone in many ways. PhotonPhreaks has been operating as normal, with several new designs and products in the works. In the interest of complying with CDC and WHO recommendations, shipping runs have been reduced to approximately once per week, we appreciate your patience. 

Unfortunately, many people have been affected financially by this crisis. Please remember that morale patches are nonessential items and if you have more important things to buy, prioritize them. It's easy to get caught up in collectibles like these but its important to stay focused.

That being said, morale is super important in these trying times sohere's what's been going on: 
  • Pupper Patch was dropped! The timing was funny, it was released just before the national recommendations for social distancing came into effect so the patch has informally been dubbed our Isolation Buddy. Get yours here.
  • The HDSRB Project, a "Turbo Head" for HDS lights was launched as a presale and sold out within 24 hours. We're estimating 8 weeks to produce them, the reflectors are already in production so we're super excited!
  • Keep an eye on the site this week, we're bringing back stickers
  • Baby Phoda2 is in production! Everyone loved the original design, so we had to make a new one and we believe you'll love it. Production is slightly slowed delayed due to coronavirus but we expect to have it available within a week or two. 
  • We still have a couple of Octo2  in stock, grab one before it's gone forever. 
Stay safe everyone, we'll get through this together. 
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