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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to issue 17 of the Phreaky Briefing! Our goal is to provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable information.  We won't spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum.  Site updates will be at the bottom of the email; Let's get on to the news you're really here for!
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News


Much of this is SHOT news!  It'll be very listy.
  • Eagtac updated their MX3T to the MX3T-C, which doesn't have much info, but is almost certainly USB-C charging now.
  • Fenix announced the a new headlamp, the HM61R. 1x18650 powering an SST40 LED with integrated charging and claimed 1200 lumen output. 
  • Fenix released a hunting specific thrower, the HT18. Comes with a red and green filter and is powered by a single 21700 cell (18650 adapter included) for 925m reach. 
  • Imalent released a "keychain light", the LD10 (reviews are already dropping! - zeroair's here)
  • Imalent DM21C - a light similar to the LD10 but with a removable (18650) cell and two switches instead of just one.  
  • Inforce two new weaponlights (Inforce 9zero, Inforce Forty5 - all aluminum).  They aren't available, and there's not much info on them, but they're covered in the youtube video.
  • The JETBeam DM20 is still fairly new, but worth mentioning because it's exceptionally unusual.  It is a mule, and comes with (or "can fit") 8pcs 2*8mm tritium tubes
  • Lumintop FW1A Titanium Interest list
  • Lumintop FW3A Copper/Brass Interest list
  • Lumintop FW21 Pro (3xXHP50.2) Interest list
  • Nitecore TM9k new in the Tiny Monster series, has a bunch of emitter and as the name implies, goes over 9000 lumens!
  • Nitecore P22r is a single cell light, with a novel USB-C charging port!
  • Nitecore i4000r is much like the P22r (same USB-C charge port, etc) but is a quad instead of being a single emitter like the P22r.
  • Olight upgraded the I5T E0S recently with a blue spiral accent and 300 lumens claimed output off an AA
  • Olight Warrior X Pro, shipping now.
  • Olight also announced the Odin Turbo, Odin, and Odin Mini, which are not available just yet.

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You've received this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
  • There's two new patches in the works, one a new take on an older design and the other is completely new 
  • In addition to the PhotonX Tala Torch that's in development, we're also working on a flashlight accessory that we believe you'll like. It's still under wraps but we have high hopes 
  • We still have some Voodoo2 patches in stock, and don't forget to grab an Enlightened One and help spread the light.
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