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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the tenth issue of the Phreaky Briefing! My goal is to provide phreaks like yourself with information you will all enjoy and value. I don't intend to spam or hawk my wares and I'll try to keep that to a minimum (site updates will be at the bottom of the email, I know you're really here for the news)
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom: 

  • Okluma completed the first two handmade DC0 lights (14500, single emitter ) and will be running two giveaways, on Facebook and on Instagram. Jeff also announced that Colin of Rad knives posted that he is "trying" to finish up a two years old collaboration with Jeff and have some of the collab lights available at BLADE Show..
  • The very first Citadel by Reaver Arms was delivered and specs published. They are 16340 based, with the Dragon driver and choice of 219c 4000K Hi CRI (red,blue,green,amber) Or Samsung 351 5000K Hi CRI (red,blue,green,amber)

Developing News

  • Arkady from Artech Metal Creations and Innovations opened the preorder for his first light, the Helios. Arkady has received some vitriol in the past from those that felt his clip design was plagiarized from other makers, it appears he has redesigned the clip. Specs are fairly standard as an 18350 and Dragon Driver based light. Pre-order pricing on the titanium, brass and copper is $500 and an unheard of $550 on the polished zirconium. 


Curated in collaboration with bmengineer reviews

  • Jetbeam KO-02 was announced.1 x 21700 / 18650 powered, 1800 lumens and integrated USB charging. 
  • Folomov announced the 26650S, a compact (only 4" long) 26650 based light, powering 5 x XPG (LED generation not specified) to 2000 lumens with integrated USB charging.
  • Convoy M3 is available for purchase. 1x26650 or 18650 powering an XHP 70.2 in an OP reflector, putting out 4300 lumens.
  • The Acebeam TK16 previously released in copper as a Goinggear exclusive was also announced to be avilable in aluminum, I assume without exclusivity. 
  • Lithium Ion batteries generally dont handle extreme temperatures well, to address this Fenix released a a cold weather 18650, the ARB-L18-2900L, rated all the way down to -40c/f
  • Nexttorch released 3 new flashlights, the C1 140 Lumen AA Flashlight, the UT10 hatlight/headlamp with white flood and a red secondary, and the WL50IR weapon mounted 18650 light. 

What's Coming from PhotonPhreaks

You're reading this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
  • PhotonPhreaks T-shirts are still available and on sale! I have a new batch coming in a (very) slightly different shade of grey so I'm anxious to get rid of the the 3 XL shirts I have left. Use code OCTOSHIRT20 to deduct 20% from the price. Only 3 available with that discount soo act fast
  • The next batch of Octo shirts will be the last with the Octo design for a while, and I'll have M, L, XL, and 2XL available. Once this batch is sold out I have a new deisgn in mind that I'm pretty excited to get to. I hope to have them on the site this week, the PhotonPhreaks group on facebok gets a bit of an advance notice then I'll send out an email to let everyone know it's in stock, so join the group for sneak peaks and secret info!
  • I'll be doing a giveaway this week, either on our instagram page or on the Custom Torch Community facebook group (I haven't decided where), most probably for a phOwl Trucker cap. 
  • HotBatt Patches are in stock and I still have some Statue of Luminosity patches on clearance.  
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