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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the 11th issue of the Phreaky Briefing! My goal is to provide phreaks like yourself with information you will all enjoy and value. I don't intend to spam or hawk my wares and I'll try to keep that to a minimum (site updates will be at the bottom of the email, I know you're really here for the news)
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News: 

  • Devin Bauer (Sigma Customs) is adding a twisty to his 14500 lineup.. Still in development, Still in development, it will be slimmer than his previous 14500 lights, the vega and the Nova, compatible with the Eiger pocket clip and be reflector based. 
  • Michael Zieba of Zieba Knives partnered with Deadwood Customs to make a custom Deadwood themed pocket clip
  • Gyorgy Kemenes is releasing his new light, the Balaton on 5/18. A rather unique 10440 powered triple, featuring a 219c LED, FET driver with Guppydrv UI, and interchangeable sleeves. The exotic versions will also feature a tritium sphere mounted inside the tail switch. Full article here
  • Tana, known for his McGizmo and Surefire mods, posted an experiment fitting 4 x E21A emitters behind a TIR optic in a McGizmo Haiku, powered by an H17F driver.
  • HDS partnered with a manufacturer to produce a 16340 sized cell that utilizes INR technology, until now 16340 was only avilable with IMR. You can see a battery/runtime comparison here



Curated in collaboration with bmengineer reviews

  • Sofirn teased a triple emitter light featuring 1* Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI, 1* CREE XPEBRD-L1-R20 P3 3535, 1* LEUVA33U70UL00 3535 395nm 120º in the same light. That's a high CRI White LED, a Red LED and a UV Led, with integrated USB charging. 
  • Sofiirn also teased an unrelated video showing a driver with color mixing capabilities. 
  • The Lumintop Tool AA has been advertised as released in titanium, please be aware that this is not the metal titanium, but a titanium colored anodizing over aluminum. They also have a white version, which is pretty cool.
  • There is the distinct possibility (or maybe even probability) that the FW3A will be released in copper and titanium. There is also a possible FW1A, a single version emitter of the FW3A ( Too early for me to report it with any more certainty or share any images)
  • Mooch posted about fake Samsung 30Q batteries "Right now the top code line printed on the metal can is the best way to spot the fake as it can be seen through the wrap in bright light. I‘m sure the codes will soon be faked too though. The performance of these cells is miserable compared to the genuine 30Q and the cell will run a lot hotter. If you have any of these fakes, don’t use them in anything!" Always buy your batteries from a reputable dealer. 

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You're reading this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
  • I'm trying out a new thing with the Phreaky Fast Flashlight Deals, now simply called Flashlight Deals. Instead of just offering the deal of the week or month, I'd like to also offer the current "hot" light in our community, at prices lower than advertised anywhere else. The Nitecore TIP SS Special Edition is still available in 3 different colors, but I also listed two community favorites, a compact pocket light, and a massive barn burn burner. The Lumintop BLF GT70, a monster of a search light, is available only $214.99, a bargain compared to $299 at  Amazon or on Banggood for $289. I also have the famous Lumintop BLF FW3A available for $36, which only a little more than the group buy price (currently unavailable) and lower than the $42.99 it's listed at on Banggood or $49.99 on another site. 
    • These enthusiast favorite lights will ship direct from the manufacturer (it's how I get it so cheap for you). Shipping on the FW3A is about 3-4 weeks standard, or for $11 it can ship DHL. The GT70 price includes free DHL shipping. 
    • There will be another couple lights added to this offering this week sometime, so check back occasionally.
  • PhotonPhreaks T-shirts have restocked and I now have sizes Medium through 2XL available. Once this batch is sold out I have a new design in mind that I'm pretty excited to get to 
  • I got some new phOwl Caps in. Due to popular demand for a non-truckers style,  I did a small run of standard 6 panel caps with a structured front panel and velcro closure. These are a little lower cost than the Truckers and I only made 6, but one is my personal cap so grab it before it's gone.
  • I'm working on a Flashlight news site, in addition to these weekly briefings the site will also have articles of various lengths. I'm still figuring out how it's going to look and work, you can preview a beta version under "Flashlight News" from the main menu on the PhotonPhreaks homepage. As of now the PhreakyBriefing email isn't merged with the news site and I haven't decided how I will handle the two lists, so if you're interested in the news please enter your email on the right side be notified of new articles. (Feedback on this news site idea is welcomed)
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