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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to issue 16 of the Phreaky Briefing! Our goal is to provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable information.  We won't spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum.  Site updates will be at the bottom of the email; Let's get on to the news you're really here for!
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News


  • Deadwood Custom Works, maker of the Huckleberry, has announced the Tombstone.  The Tombstone is another 18350 light, but has an interesting shape and more interestingly, an inner and outer sleeve, which allows the externals to be non-conductive!
  • PhotonPhreaks teased new images of the updated Tala, which has gotten more pocketable, while keeping a 20mm reflector for good throw.
  • ReyLight is making a "special metal" version of the popular Lan 14500 light.  This time it's Mokuti, and will be available at around $700.
  • Reviewers report that the new Armytek Nichia Wizard (a light created for "the community"), has no low voltage protection.  Armytek responded by releasing an updated version.  There is no way currently to tell which version you'll get when ordered.  [Full review]
  • LensLight seems to be rebooting, having shown up at SHOT2020.  Possibly three new lights are incoming.
  • Surefire announces new Scoutlight Pro series, which utilizes the Low Profile Mount.  This allows the light to be closer to the weapon.
  • Nitecore has a new high-output light available - the E4K.  This is a quad emitter, e-switch, 21700 cell light, and boasts an impressive >4,000 lumen output.
  • Just announced at SHOT, Fenix is in with a new keychain light.  The E06R is a 200 lumen, USB-C rechargeable, dual emitter light (white and red), planned for Spring 2020 release.

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You've received this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! There's still a couple Photon Ratons in stock, be sure to grab one before they're gone forever! 
  • Speaking of gone forever, the Voodoo Phreak was one of our first and most popular designs, and sold out almost a year ago. As most of you know, most of our patches are limited to a single run but since I got so many requests to bring back the Voodoo Phreak, I created Voodoo2
  • LoPan12 on reddit used the much belived Blinded Snoo design for his notebook! Brings us great joy to see people enjoy our designs like that (which permission of course) 
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