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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the eighth issue of the  Phreaky Briefing! My goal is to provide phreaks like yourself with information you will all enjoy and value. I don't intend to spam or hawk my wares and I'll try to keep that to a minimum (site updates will be at the bottom of the email, I know you're really here for the news)
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom: 

  • Simon of PhotonPhreaks and PhotonX (that's me!) released a drawing of the HDSRB that's currently in development. The HDSRB is an aftermarket head attachment for HDS Systems flashlights to greatly increase the range and throw of any ACME threaded HDS light. 
  • Toykeeper, a member of the flashlight community who created many of the preferred UIs and had a hand in developing many, many community favorite flashlights has opened a Patreon for people to help support her work   
  • Laulima Metal Craft now has a mule version of the Todai head, further increasing the functionality of all their lights, as it is compatible with any of their torches. 

(This belongs on the production side but there's more room in this column for those reading on desktop, plus, it's exciting news!)
  • Purchasing for the much awaited  BLF/Lumintop FW3A has been opened! Almost exactly two years of anticipation lead to this point, it's a cause for great celebration (and perhaps relief finally). 


  • The Acebeam Copper TK16  from a previous PhreakyBriefing issue  was announced as a Going Gear Exclusive with three LED options, 3xOSRAM ; 3xLUMINUS SST-20 CRI95; or 3xCREE XPG 3. (There is also a Fenix TK16 on the Going Gear website, it's totally a different light so don't confuse the two).
  • Jetbeam teased some photos of the the DM20, a titanium pocket light seemingly loaded with tritium vials and "stepless dimming. 
    • PHREAKY EXCLUSIVE: (Please consider this speculation without any guarantee of accuracy) I have reason to believe the DM20 is the name for a series of lights, that may launch with both a single emitter option (pictured above) or a triple mule. Possible specs are:  Magnetic ring control, 16340/18350, 900 lumen max, McGizmo spaced holes on pocket clip and 25.7mm max OD with 90mm length on the single or 84mm length on the triple. The price might be around $350 +/1 $50 but I'm less confident about that number than the other possible specs
  • Olight officially announced the Seeker 2 Pro on Friday, also announced were an updated Javelot pro with a max of 2100 lumens and almost 300kcd, and the PL-Pro weapon mounted light. 
  • Fenix announced the E30R to be released 5/19. SST40 LED putting out 1600 lumens from a single 18650 (2xCR123 will be supported). It will feature a side switch, magnetic charging and the lowest mode is "Eco" at 30 lumens.
  • Nitecore teased a photo of the TIP 2. No details as of yet.
  • Nichia has released the 219f with R70, eventually to be able to do everything the 219c does at a lower Vf, up to R9050. 
  • Clemence of Virence tested the Jetbeam RRT01 and found the max output to be lower than claimed, but more importantly, to be lacking any sort of temperature regulation. Leaving the light on maximum may get it hot enough to damage the cell or possibly even it cause it to explode. If you own the light be sure to turn it down once it gets too hot to hold. 

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