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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to issue 23 of the Phreaky Briefing! We aim to provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable information.  We won't spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum.  Site updates will be at the bottom of the email; Let's get on to the news!
Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News

Production News

  • Leo Maquiniana of LM Toolworks has a new engraved body for the FW3 lights.  It's one off, but it's beautiful!
  • LoneOcean from has been working on a replacement driver for the FW3 series lights.  It's an impressive constant current driver, with the option to add a board with secondary emitters.  More info is here, and the signups are here.
  • Jordy of FocusWorks and Jim Skelton Bladeworks have collaborated to make two Titanium lights that are heavily tricked out with tritium. Both are 18650, and will be offered in your choice of Dragon Driver or H17F, one will have a clicky and the other is described as an "E Switch" but I believe this to mean a capacitive switch similar to the Tool Ti AAA
  • Tek Lights LLC has continued work on their hard use 18650 lights, with this nice looking black anodized light.
  • Also by Tek Lights is this unanodized budget model. Still a WIP, specs are to be an 18650 twisty with H17F. His goal is to have it with a custom or brass head while keeping the price under $100!  View more by Tek Lights on their instagram page.
  • Frelux announced a disassembly tool for the Synergy2 going into production.
  • The KR4 by Noctigon is an impressive 5A 18650 mule light, with eight (8) emitters!
  • Nitecore has released a new (updated) tactical light, the P20v2.  This 18650 light features Nitecore's "Strobe Ready" mode.
  • Also new from Nitecore is the R40v2, a light that offers USB-C and wireless charging!  
  • Skilhunt is releasing an interesting AAA model, the E3A.  Not much more info is available, but it looks to be a twsty.
  • JETBeam has released a tiny keychain light which has red and blue side-secondary lights.  This light follows Nitecore in the steps of copying RovyVon's A series lights.
  • Lumintop has updated the Glow1 by offering a titanium version!
  • In even more activity by Lumintop updating their line of popular lights, the Tool AA has been updated in a couple of ways.  There's now a full copper version!
  • Lumintop also added an option for a copper pill on the titanium Tool AA! (it looks like it's brass but they're promoting it as copper. I've heard it's actually a gold coated copper to match the clip and won't patina)
If you're having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It's the most detailed flashlght search engine that I've found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

What's New with PhotonPhreaks

You've received this because you added your email address for "promotions, new products or sales." Here's a quick rundown of the latest happenings:
Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. We've had another busy week last week:
  • The Flood Rings sold out but I have a one or two that I held back in case any get lost in transit, I'll put them on the site later this week. I also have some green blemished rings I have to clean up and list for a small discount so keep an eye on the site.
    • I'm looking for a new machinist to make them for me so if you're reading this and are interested, let me know!
  • Phreaky Phish is officially sold out, the last two were gone with the Memorial Day sale! The only place you can find them now is at Illumn, looks like they have 8 left before their gone forever.
    • Make sure to pick up a light while you're there too, they got in some new Olights and some of the infinite variations on the Lumintop FW series 
  • There's less than 10 Baby Phoda2 patches left, grab one before it's too late!
  • For those of you waiting for your HDSRBs, Reflectors are officially complete!
    • We're trying to get the anodizing shop to prioritize the reflector housings, once those are done the machinist can cut the Stainless bezels. It's better to wait for after anodizing, to make sure the threading tolerances are tight.
    • Here's a pic of the threading on the reflector housing with the finish straight off the machine, you can see we opted for a Higbee thread, a technique that began on firehoses to prevent crossthreading and cut through obstructions or ice on their firehoses. 
  • I got some cool new products coming, Patches, small drop of caps (FlexFit tihs time) and maybe some new stuff too, 
    • Oh! I had plans to make some fridge magnets but the lockdown hurt my vendor who closed up shop and kept my money. I still want to make more but now I'm not sure what design to use, if you have any requests feel free to respond to this email, I read all replies! 
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