Proverbs 26:23
Like the glaze covering an earthen vessel, 
are fervent lips with an evil heart.


People make adjustments and allowances in their life for evil, but hypocrisy from their leaders creates an energy and courage that inevitably produces revolt. 

Christian Parents:

I know it feels like you are constantly watching your child to make sure that they are on the right track, but please understand that, after a certain point, you are the one being watched.

You’re the one being observed, not your child. 

You’re the one being evaluated. 

You’re the one being tested. 

You’re the one who must show consistency, commitment, and constancy. 

Not your son or daughter. 

Once you’ve raised them to a certain age, the spotlight shifts from their behavior to yours.

The first few years were about keeping them safe and healthy. 

The next were about teaching them basic skills for interaction with others.

At some point you intentionally or unintentionally taught them what you believe is true about the world: metaphysically or spiritually. 

That all takes place in just a few years. 

Then comes the testing period where they watch you to see if you really believe those things. 

At a time when parents are focused on the child's grades, the child is grading them.

The parent is experiencing this silent test: “Do you believe the things you taught me?”

Notice, the question is not "is this true?" the question is "do you really believe it?"


Don't Be Fooled

Parents have the first few years of their child's life to make a case for their values and beliefs.

The next decade is not a test of your child's behavior, but a test of the parent's integrity.

Be kind and keep talking,
Brooke and Brian

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