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Digital Mettle: Volume 1 - Issue 3

Ask Digital Mettle: What Single Page Application JavaScript framework do you like?

This is a tough question to answer right now, because there is no clear winner on      all my criteria. The framework which clicks for me personally is Knockout.  I had a lot of fun implementing several small projects with it.  The trouble is that without large company backing, it may not continue to be well supported so I would have trouble recommending it to clients for anything which may be long-lasting. 

We had good success with several major projects built in Angular and it has the benefit of being well supported by Google, Microsoft & others, but I don’t like the direction it’s been going.  Recent versions of angular projects, in my experience, grow out of control with external dependencies, huge npm library downloads, requirements for app packagers, and huge build times.  By comparison, Knockout is a single 25KB file with no dependencies. 

We have developed a few hybrid mobile applications using Sencha Touch, but stopped using it because it was mobile compatible only.  It felt weird to build a mobile app using web technology and then not have the option to deploy that app on the web or as a PWA. Now that Sencha Touch is merged with Sencha Ext JS I think it is worth another look. 

JavaScript in general is frustrating because it often feels like no framework is an acceptable solution from one project to another. For this and a few other reasons, I’m looking forward to building our next Single Page Application in .NET Blazor – no JavaScript required! 

- Jason Mac Entee

Partner Corner

Digital Mettle’s newest partner is Dynamic Benchmarking, a SAAS interactive benchmarking platform. Our partnership with Dynamic Benchmarking demonstrates the benefits of a software product company working with a custom development team. As we described in our 2015 article for Microsoft’s MPN blog.

Digital Mettle partners to develop custom systems integrations. This enables Dynamic Benchmarking’s team to focus on continually making their core software better. So far, we have done four projects for Dynamic Benchmarking customers using Dynamic Benchmarking’s API to interface their solution with customers’ CRM and AMS systems. 

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DM In The Community


Tad Richard’s third passion (after his family and his work) is developing a community program called On the Path to HECK. “HECK”, in this case, is an acronym for Humility, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness.

As Tad describes it:

On the Path to HECK is a free course for developing our own personal virtues so that all our actions and interactions embody goodness; not simply those actions when we are actively focusing upon ‘doing good.’ We no longer give or do because we feel generous; we give and do because we believe in abundance.
The sessions, videos, conversation topics, and homework exercises lead the participant onto a path toward a greater understanding of their own capacity for humility, empathy, compassion, and kindness; and to recognize opportunities to express them each day.

If you are looking for a way to create a better community amongst you friends and neighbors, please check it out at  

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