You need your own channels.

Imagine with us that you own another business, let's say it is a Salon you opened on the side and you employed someone to manage it while you focus on your main business(es).

The manager made a request for a dedicated smartphone that will be used for social media management and other communications with customers, but you said no, the manager should use her own phone. You want to avoid the cost of buying a phone.

Customers call the manager's phone line directly. She takes images with her phone and puts them up on her Whatsapp status to market the salon, they chat with her, and engagement with customers is increasing.

She moves on eventually to another salon and each time your customers call or chats her up, she mentions that she is no longer with your salon but directs them there, most of them insist to use her new salon. They have gotten used to interacting with her and her phone line cannot be passed on to your new manager.

At that point, the cost of losing some of your customers is higher than buying a phone that was meant to be an asset to your business. Some businesses lose their social media accounts when the person handling it moves on. Please, get the passwords and have them saved somewhere.

Employees will definitely have personal interactions with customers, but the business itself should have its own communication channels - Whatsapp, Telegram, Phone Lines, social media accounts - and devices that will remain even when employees move on.

If you can, provide official computers to your employees for the purpose of preserving work documents when they move on, it also makes it easier for new staff to take over and continue work.

Equip your people with the required work tools and take your communication channels seriously.

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