Every CEO's burning desire.

Every forward-thinking CEO or business owner desires to have a business that runs effectively even in their absence. Our Captain at Mapemond shared his thoughts on the issue.

In his exact words,

For long I struggled with the idea that nobody can do it as well as I do it...
So the entire weight rested on my shoulders until I could no longer bear it...
Like a baby learning to walk, I started learning to shed some weight by grooming others to handle some aspects.


It came with a lot of anxiety for me and I had to keep correcting them repeatedly, but I learned to relax a little bit and allow them to learn and grow. I allowed them to make mistakes and learn from each experience while I ensured the mistakes were well managed.

It took a bit of time and sacrifice but it was a defining moment in my entrepreneurial journey. Now, they can execute most projects fully without my involvement while I focus on building new relationships, designing models, and implementing strategies.

I read the proposals they prepare and I am wowed, I rarely need to make corrections anymore. They have also learned to create templates for everything they do, it makes future projects easier, faster and smarter to execute.

If you truly desire to build a proper company, you have to consciously develop functional systems and processes suitable for your business.

Self-employed people have the tendency to be self-obsessed (unknowingly) and that is a major hindrance to the growth of their venture.


Do not limit what your business can become tomorrow.

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