To all our supporters and donators - thank you team green!

A MASSIVE thank you to those who have contributed to our campaign funds.    Anyone passionate about our cause who hasn't yet but would like to donate, details are below and on our website

Generous support has  allowed us to rent billboards in Auckland (example above) and Wellington as we move to help our urban brothers and sisters understand why we are working so hard to get the government to reset their policies around afforestation.   We've had several requests for interviews from Auckland journalists who have seen the messaging, good to see our exposure helping create awarenes in our biggest city.  Issues rural often go unnoticed in those areas. 

It's been a busy few weeks with meetings at Parliament.  Very happy with the numbers of  politicians and their policy advisors from all the main parties who turned up.  Managed to answer all the questions posed to us. Corrected a few assumptions about jobs and pest control and came out unscathed!

50SOG chairman Andy Scott sums up our meetings:   "We first met with Shane Jones, beforehand we thought he would be very off hand and not interested, to the contrary Shane listened to us and interacted well, he says he has the provinces at heart and is concerned that what had been implemented will need tweaking.   He stated he was keen to see foreign ownership of forestry and it was (partially) his idea that the streamlining of forestry investment to overseas investors was implemented, he did not foresee this foreign owndership going into forestry conversion, that was never the intent. It was implemented to streamline forestry to forestry sales, he agreed in principal that this needed changing.  We delved into the lack of evidence that conversion was taking placed, we pointed out their statistics were not quick enough and they needed more on the ground reporting with what is going on now, rather than three months ago.  He agreed entirely with this.  Mike put forward his theory on stopping new entrants into the ETS and working the cap of ETS along with new technologies etc.  Shane and his advisors were taking notes through this, which I thought was encouraging.   We had good impact referring to the red zone areas of planting, the advisor chimed in and refuted this and said it was up to council's to approve/permit.  We are not convinced he got the full picture  We felt we made ground on what we were tryiing to persuade them on"

Damien O'Connor, we thought would be more interactive than Shane but was not.  Could have been 'good cop bad cop' scenario, he was quite off-hand, and put us in the category of whinging farmers making reference to farmers getting their way over the emissions tax and that we couldn't have it both ways. He did warm as the meeting progressed and summarised by congratulating us on coming forward, advised the sector to consider changing our publicity (that of the ag sector in general, not 50SOG specifically) to a more positivie swing.  "Being negative is not going to get the rural sector and provinces anywhere".   As Mike pointed out to the minister.  Our strategy has raised the issues, driven awareness and seen us end up at Parliament talking to the people we need to talk to.  

Unfortunately, some in the forestry sector still think we are against forestry per se, we are not, and continue to message that we accept forestry has a role in our economy, but

Our message still remains focused around the blanket planting of trees, and lobbying for the OIA and OIO processes to  be reviewed to prevent the current scale of speculation around carbon prices forcing sales of productive sheep and beef land  way above current land values



Link to Zero Carbon Submissions 'how to video'

Submissions close 16th July, 2019

Urgent reminder for those who intend or are thinking about submitting their view on the Zero  Carbon (Amendment Bill)  

Submissions close 16th of July, next Tuesday.  The submissions process can be simple or as detailed as you like.  Minister Jones emphasised that this process is where we can make changes happen

Forget the Failings of the past 

Reaching a lower carbon future. The challenge is how to get there and the rules put in place around that. We're reminded of Ian Proudfoot's, opening speech at National Field  Days 2019    "If someone is coming through with an idea to reduce our carbon footprint, then regluators say yes, make it happen. The industry needs to be open to change   Ultimately, we need to incentivise people to change faster, our concern is there are some people in the legislative process that want the (agri) industry to pay for what they perceive is the failings of  the past, that is not acceptable, what has happened has happened if we want to think about the future we need to be focused on the future".     Here's an idea put forward to Minister Shane Jones and Damien O'Connor last monday on the ETS  by Mike Butterick.
The ETS should be closed for new entrants.
At some point it will be finite because:
a) land available for planting would run out
b) investment to plant the land would run out and
c) a combination of a) and b) would occur.
If the pastoral sector was able to mitigate its ‘natural’ gases with a ‘natural’ mitigation tool (planting) the ETS would only then deal with the ‘man-made’ gases.
The cap and collar approach as suggested by Minister Shaw could then be used as new technology became available. This would then be able to drive behavioural change at source as was the original intent
This would also immediately stop the ‘speculation’ currently occurring in the blanket planting of productive farmland.

We think this has legs. Please share any views you have on this, and share it as well, lets see what others in the sector think of this as a possible solution that provides a win win. 

Lastly,  our support page  Photo source unknown

We're not there yet and will continue to lobby for the sector.
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  • Send us your own anecdotes with permission to use (can be anonymous)
  • Contact your local council and/or politician. Express your views and find out their views, key points to raise are on our website if you need help.   Contact details for your local MP can be found here
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  • Talk to your local community
  • If you are already a group in this space lets combine, we are looking for scale and we need a single voice
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Our sector is working toward a circular economy, and regenerative farming practices using science, technology and management skills to improve productivity and thus feed people efficiently.  Something NZ has led the world in. We are expert food produces, we want to protect that worldwide advantage, maintain returning export income to NZ and support our communities.
We look forward to your feedback 


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We look forward to your feedback.   

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