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Turns out I’ve been preparing for this first newsletter for a long time. In my email, I found a folder labeled newsletters, full of examples going back to 2012. That’s me—the saver.

My days are settling down. The major work on my parents’ estates was completed in May. The manuscript went to press in early June. My son got married last weekend. And yesterday, for the first time in years, I stopped working at my desk at 5:00 and lay down on the sofa to read during the day. I’ve been watching my reading time dwindle and missing it but doing nothing about it. Well, it’s summer, and I’m going to read. Summer reading on the sofa 5:00 pm. Be there.
On Catching Days, over a hundred writers have shared how they spend their days. On June 1, we heard from Michele Filgate. After being on book tour for a month with her essay collection What My Mother And I Don't Talk About, she writes,
I crave solitude and a break from social media, which is why I’ve found myself turning to books like How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. In that book, she quotes an acoustic ecologist named Gordon Hempton who says “Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.” I think about that a lot: how much I haven’t articulated yet, how much I’m waiting to say.
There's a perfect summer read—How to Do Nothing. I’m still on the far side of the bridge, pre-book tour, and yet I feel the same way. For almost 7 years, it’s been just me and my manuscript. Writing and revising and trying to get it published. I really haven’t talked about the book with anyone. And there’s so much I haven’t articulated, so much I’m waiting to say. Actually, I’m wondering what I will say when I start talking.
Are you swimming? Are you reading wonderful books? Are you writing and feeling as if you’ll never get anywhere? Perhaps, like me, you’re watching too much Acorn TV and not knowing whether you’re supposed to eat fat or not eat fat? And what’s one thing you want to do but are not doing? Why not try doing that today for 15 minutes. (But If it’s running, try 1 minute. 15 minutes of running would kill me.) I have to keep reminding myself, as Annie Dillard said, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

Earlier this week, on NPR's On Second Thought, Virginia Prescott interviewed David Epstein. He used to write for Sports Illustrated and has just written a nonfiction book called Range about the benefits of generalizing for as long as you can before you specialize and how that makes us better equipped for whatever comes next. I pulled over when he said the following to make sure I remembered it. “Difficulty is not a sign that you’re not learning, but ease is.” So, with this newsletter, I wish you summer days full of ease and difficulty.
This is an email from me to you so write back! Let me know how you’re spending your days, and perhaps, if you wish, you’ll find yourself in the next issue. Happy last days of June and thanks for reading.
Peace out,

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Issue #1 June 2019
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