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When I do my ten-minute meditation, which amazingly I’m still doing, it’s usually thoughts rather than emotions that sail across the screen of my mind. And if I’m being totally honest, it's usually thoughts about things I need to do rather than quirky turns my new novel might take. All this to say, I’m not an emotional person. And yet, lately, I’m having some moments. When our wi-fi went out yesterday for the second day in a row and the woman at the cable company spoke to me as if she didn’t care, I almost started crying. I’m out of practice dealing with the world. I’ve lost my buffers against the kinds of things that happen from time to time. Maybe that’s good? In any event, noted.
On the writing front, my new novel is finally pulling together into a coherent whole. After the mess of the last few months, this new version is ten times stronger than the January draft. I just read the entire manuscript in a couple of weeks, and now, each day, I’m focusing on one of the fifty-two chapters. Here are four fun facts about my main character Shelley: she's forty-nine, she grew up in the South, she headed north at the age of twenty, and she's been married three times.
Last week, I was walking in the woods in Provincetown when two guys up ahead called me over to point out a wild lady slipper orchid, which I'd never heard of and never seen before. What I’m saying is, two strangers called me over, and I went closer rather than farther away. And we had a conversation about a flower. If you want to see a photo of the wild orchid, I’m @cynthianewberrymartin on Instagram.
Jeff Peters is a writer who's passionate about so much. He’s the most extroverted introvert I’ve ever met. And it’s difficult to find a photo of him where he’s not surrounded by friends he loves. Whatever Jeff does, he does with his whole heart, especially selling books as the owner of East End Books Ptown.
In addition to being a writer and producer of the documentary Run Across Cuba, which was released in 2017, he has a novel in progress: Lindo Gaumont Enters the World, a short story in final edits, a poetry manuscript in the works, and an essay he’s started on indie bookstores as a cultural hub. I encourage you to click over to his in-depth interview with Cuban American poet Silvia Curbelo
To read more about Jeff and his writing, click over to Catching Days.
Now for a sneak peek into Jeff’s day, spent at home in Provincetown.
I was absolutely thrilled to be in a cinema again today—Waters Edge Cinema—after about one and a half years!!! This was a private screening for ONE! I watched the first episode of the great new adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small (aired on PBS this year). Though I’ve seen every episode seven or eight times… never on the big screen! Then I got to see again, End of the Century—the beautiful Spanish film that was a big hit at the Provincetown Film Festival in 2019. Filled with absolute joy!  [read more]
Sometimes a transition is stark—like being on a bridge from one place to another. But a transition can also be gradual, like training for a triathlon where each week you go a little farther or faster or relearning how to use your shoulder after surgery where you have a specific exercise for each tiny movement.
Most of us had no choice about our transition to the pandemic. One minute we were out there, and the next we were home. Hopefully, you have more choice about how you transition out of the pandemic. Where are you in the process? Are your days different in big or small ways? Anyone planning a trip? Any transition stories to share?
With this newsletter, I wish for you the transition of your choice and joy in the movement.
This is an email from me to you so write me back. Let me know how you’re spending your days. And you can find past emails here.

Happy last days of May and thanks for reading.
Peace out,

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Issue #24 May 2021
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