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Let’s talk about our days…
I'm in Provincetown, and the day is thick with fog. All my windows are open. I’m drinking coffee and listening to the waves push farther and farther in. High tide at 10:36 am. I’ve been here since the first day of the month, and I head home tomorrow on the last. There are so many things to love about being here, but one is feeling in constant touch with the outside. In the south, we’re often closed up in air conditioning, either at home or in a car. Here, no car. I walk everywhere. As Mary Oliver wrote, “Eventually tides will be the only calendar you believe in.”
I am still working on the new novel. After nine months and 200 pages, last week I waved goodbye to the “ouija board” method and took control of the manuscript to start shaping the story. Usually, I begin my days by working on the novel. but today I began by writing to you.
I often find myself holding my breath—which can’t be good. My thoughts turn to George Floyd as I listen to James Nestor’s Breath. Nestor's journey began when his doctor suggested a breathing class—to strengthen his lungs, calm his mind, and provide a new perspective. 
From a shipping container in Thailand to the docks of San Francisco, Lisa McGuinness puts names and faces on the real and growing tragedy that is human trafficking. In Across the Deep, her second novel, we fall hard for these characters who slide between victim, survivor, and hero. No one is safe. Despite the darkness, this is a story of caring for others in a world of faith, hope, and love. Across the Deep will be published October 27, 2020 and is available for pre-order now. 
Here's how Lisa begins her days.

The early morning is all about a large mug of tea, yogurt, granola and a brief sojourn into the news of the day. After I take a quick peek at the daily brief from the New York Times, I turn to my work email to see what needs immediate attention. I spend my days with words and images—as we all do in different ways.  [read more]
How are your mornings? Are you out of bed and off at full speed? Or do you ease into the day? Do you check the news or avoid it?
I just downloaded OMM—one moment meditation—based on the book by Martin Boroson. This phone app starts with an exercise called the Basic Minute. “A minute is like a moment with handles on it—so you know where it begins and ends.” If you try it, let me know. Once I conquer a minute, I may advance to Headspace. Anybody tried that?
With this newsletter, I wish for you a full breath and a lovely minute of calm.
Stay well.
This is an email from me to you so write me back. Let me know how you’re spending your days. And you can find past emails here.

Happy last days of September and thanks for reading.
Peace out,

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Issue #16 September 2020
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