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Let’s talk about our days…
These days are filled with crayons and puzzles and the patter of little feet...and the dishwasher running twice a day and lots of sweeping and even more eating. Most of our family bubbles were able to quarantine for two weeks so we could merge for the holidays. And for the ones who couldn’t, we set up a twenty-four hour Zoom and a number of iPads and computers around our big room and then at the table. It was great fun.
No writing at all these days that seem normal except that no one leaves to go out to eat or to the playground or to the movies. We are all here all the time.
During the day we’ve been blasting Taylor Swift’s second quarantine album evermore from our new sound system and in the evenings we’re all loving the honesty and humor of Ted Lasso. Thumbs up on Pixar’s Soul, thumbs down on the new Wonder Woman.
Normally, Anne Korkeakivi splits her time between Geneva, Switzerland and New York City, but as we all know, these days are not normal. She is the author of two novels, both of which begin with a husband and a wife in the middle of a marriage. But after that similarity, the novels veer in different directions. In an interview at The Woolf, Anne compares the two books.

[T]he structural and narrative choices for each of my novels came as a function of the story it told. An Unexpected Guest is, in certain ways, a literary thriller. Taut timing and a singular perspective are integral to it. Shining Sea is about life and the effect of historical events on generations—it stretches.

I wrote about Anne and her writing here. And now for a sneak peek into Anne’s day, spent at her home in Geneva.

My husband is already downstairs. I can hear his baritone murmur as he begins an early Zoom meeting; the pandemic has gifted me his company. I read through the nighttime banter of my daughters on the other side of the Atlantic, on our family group chat. I glance through the emails that came in while I was asleep and America was still awake. Today’s edition of the New York Times won’t land until 10 a.m., but I make my way through the latest “Breaking News.” .... [read more]
And just like that we are here, to that future I was anticipating when I last wrote. Hanukkah and Christmas are over, the days are getting longer, and we’re just three days from the new year.
How are your holidays going? Have you been able to make these days special or different in some way? Hopefully, at the least, you’ve had a break in your normal routine sufficient for you to gather your resources for the next (last?) leg of our pandemic journey.

And about the new year, will you be making resolutions? I don’t think I will. I don’t feel ready for any additional challenges. But I will be staying up to greet it--I always do--will you?
With this newsletter, I’m wishing for you fresh wind behind your sails.
Happy New Year!
This is an email from me to you so write me back. Let me know how you’re spending your days. And you can find past emails here.

Happy last days of December and thanks for reading.
Peace out,

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Issue #19 December 2020
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