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I'm excited to reveal to you the title, cover, and description of my new book!

How many times have you asked questions about the Holy Spirit and miracles? How often have you received conflicting answers? Maybe it’s because you’ve done what Lance did for a while—he asked friends, preachers, and the internet. How can such important topics seem so confusing? The study of the Holy Spirit and miracles has been...



How about asking the Scriptures? Lance shares his findings from God’s word in this easy-to-follow book. In Clouded by Emotion, you will study the Bible’s answers to questions on the identity of the Holy Spirit, the qualities and purposes of miracles, stories of miracles today, baptism with the Holy Spirit, apostolic succession, the gift of tongues, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and more.
What questions about God’s Spirit do you have?
The book is thirteen chapters long with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. My prayer is it will be helpful in your personal study. It will be a good evangelistic tool for the church. It should also serve well for Bible class settings for your local congregation. 

To be announced later:
  • Release date
  • Pre-order information
  • Publisher
  • Foreword author
The manuscript should be ready for the editor within a week, if the Lord wills!
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